DTU Alumni – a network of 40,000 engineers

DTU Alumni is DTU's alumni network - for everybody with an engineering degree from the Technical University of Denmark.

Membership is free of charge and the alumni network has more than 40,000 members.

Get career insight
As a student, you can get insight into future career options from the alumni network by looking in the member database or on the LinkedIn alumni tool for DTU.

Get a mentor
Through DTU’s mentor scheme, you have a unique opportunity to learn from the insights, knowledge and experience that alumni have accumulated over many years in the labour market. You can apply for a mentor if you need a sparring partner to start up your own business, or if you are an international Master or PhD student who would like help finding your way into the Danish job market.

Lifelong connection to DTU
Through the alumni network, you can stay connected with DTU for life. After you have graduated, we will keep you updated on what happens at DTU and send you invitations to relevant activities. Moreover, you get continued access to library services and discounts in Polyteknisk Bookstore.

You will also be able to use the alumni network as well as DTU Jobbank in your job search – and in some years, maybe you would like to share your experiences as a mentor for students, or you can make use of some of DTU’s continuing education offers. DTU is there for you the rest of your life!

How can I join?
6 months before you graduate as a Bachelor of Engineering or as a Master of Science in Engineering, you become a member of DTU Alumni. International exchange students are also invited to join DTU’s alumni network.

We encourage you to update your profile in the alumni network and make sure that we have your e-mail address (not your student e-mail, but an e-mail that we can also use in the future to get in touch with you).