About DTU Alumni

What are alumni?
Alumni are graduates - former students who have completed their education. The word alumni is a common name used by universities around the world about graduates.

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DTU Alumni is a network for graduates from the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. Thus, to become a member you must have completed a Bachelor, Graduate, Master/MBA or PhD degree from DTU, DTH DIA or IHK.

The network is open to international students who have studied at DTU as an exchange student as well as staff who have been employed for more than three years at DTU. A membership is free of charge.

The network has around 40,000 members.

As a member of DTU Alumni you can attend exciting lectures on the latest knowledge from DTU. You can meet old classmates for reunions and anniversary celebrations. And via DTU Alumni you can become a mentor for DTU students sharing your knowledge and experience - for the benefit of both parties.

The network is exposing DTU worldwide and alumni's experience and participation in the network activities contribute to the development of research and study environment on a variety of key areas at DTU.

Networks within the network
The focal point of our subject-related activities is the professional networks - a joint venture between DTU Alumni and the DTU departments. You can join these networks through your alumni profile and get updates on relevant events and new developments in the areas of your interest