Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation - it is a transition and the beginning of something new. It concludes years of hard work and engagement as a student at DTU. As such it deserves all the attention it can get - both from DTU, the graduate, their family and friends. 

Twice a year - in May and October - DTU Alumni celebrates the graduation of its new engineers with commencement ceremony.

As a graduate, you can bring 3 guests to the ceremony, and you should expect to receive a written invitation 1½ months before the commencement ceremony. The invitation requires the graduate to take action and register through the alumni website.

Read more about the requirements, registration and what to expect at the ceremony in the FAQ below. 


Frequently asked questions

in regard to the receptions

I haven't received any invitation - what should I do?

The invitationen will be sent to you approximately 1½ months before the graduation ceremony.

Contact DTU Alumni, phone 45 25 11 11, if you do not receive yours.

How do I sign up for the graduation ceremony?
You sign up by using the registration form, which is made available on the alumni site approximately 1 1/2 months before the ceremony. Deadline for registration is one week before the event. 

You need to register once more when you arrive at the graduation ceremony - but why?
On the day of the commencement ceremony hundreds students line up to receive thier congratulatory diplomas by the Dean. The registration process at arrival serves to identify graduates that have failed to show up, in order to eliminate any unnecessary waiting time in the ceremonial proceedings. We ask you to bring your student card or your national health service medical card to ease the registration at arrival. 

How do I register?
You register by informing the people at the registration desk of your Personal Identification Number (CPR) or your student number. To ease the process please bring your old student card or your national health service medical card.

Do I only get my graduation diploma by attending the ceremony?
What you recive at the commencement ceremony is a congratulatory diploma for display purposes only. You receive the official graduation diploma, when you finish your education. Only participants of the graduation ceremony receives the concratulatory diploma. 

Will the ceremony be photographed?
All graduates will be photographed as they receive the congratulatory diploma by the Dean. 

How do I dress?
There is no official dress code, but the trend for most ceremonies is a mix between the casual and the well dressed. 

Whom should I bring to the ceremony?
Each graduate may bring a total of three guests. Most graduates bring their parents, their boy- or girlfriend, close friends or relatives. 

How and where do I park?
There are parking lots at building 101 adjacent to Anker Engelunds Vej and at Studentertorvet. 
Use this map: Google maps | PDF

What if I become ill or for some reason cannot attend?
If you are not able to attend the ceremony, please inform us through our mail address,, along with a forwarding address for your congratulatory diploma. 

Change of address 
If you have moved within the past, half year, please makes sure you have activated your DTU Alumni membership and update your profile with the new address. Studying at DTU is a life long relation, and DTU takes pride in being as much value and benefit to its alumni in their life before and after graduation. Keeping your work and contact information up to date is crucial if DTU is to ensure that you receive the right information, that use our services and are advices of opportunities and career options, as well as keeping you in touch with your fellow alumni in the DTU Alumni network. 

How do I enroll as a member of DTU Alumni?
You sign-up and activate your membership profile at DTU Alumni by going here


Upcomming Graduation Ceremonies

24 October 2017
- for Bachelors of Engineering

25 and 26 October 2017
- for Masters of Science in Engineering

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Pictures from the Graduation Ceremonies

Dimitendreception forår 2017
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Graduation Ceremony May 2017