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Thursday 06 Jul 17


Philip John Binning
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2,776 young people have applied for admission to DTU's BSc Eng and BEng programmes as their first priority in 2017.

The BSc engineering programme is up 3 per cent.

When the deadline for applications to higher education programmes expired today, DTU had received 2,776 first-priority applications for the BEng and BSc Eng programmes. This is a slight fall of 1 per cent on 2016, where the number of first-priority applications totalled 2,816.

Overall, DTU has experienced a slight decrease in the number of applications: from 7,583 in 2016 to 7,325 applications in 2017. The trend is the same in Denmark as a whole. Here, a total of 90,563 have submitted their application for one or more higher education programmes—3.7 per cent less than last year. In spite of the decrease at national level, DTU has almost managed to maintain the number of applicants from last year.

“We’re pleased that we have almost the same number of applications as last year, and that all our study places will probably be filled up. It’s good news because there will be a shortage of engineers in the future,” says Philip Binning, Senior Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs at DTU.

Upward trend for BSc engineering programme
He notes in particular that the BSc engineering programme has seen an increase of 3 per cent, as the number of first-priority applicants for DTU’s BSc programmes have gone up from 1,584 in 2016 to 1,638 this year.

The English-language BSc in General Engineering programme, which is offered for the second time, has especially attracted many applicants: A total of 360 applications, of which 200 are first-priority applicants. In addition to General Engineering, the BSc Eng programmes in Software Technology, Design and Innovation, and Mathematics and Technology are the most popular study programmes.

This year, 1,138 have listed the BEng programme at DTU as their first priority, compared with 1,232 last year. This is a decrease of eight per cent in the number of first-priority applications on last year. Also this year, the most popular BEng programmes are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Software Technology.

In spite of a minor decrease in the number of applications, DTU expects that the majority of the places on the BEng programme will be filled.

Contact Philip Binning, Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs on +45 2173 8309.

Development in number of applicants 2002-2016:


Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2013*) 2014**) 2015 2016 2017
Total applications 1,624 1,873 2,069 2,295 2,352 2,497 2,671 2,946 3,422 4,193 4,444 6,045 5,931 6,465 7,583 7,325
With DTU as 1st priority 1,055 1,123 1,005 1,109 1,148 1,215 1,231 1,343 1,402 1,591 1,680 2,267 2,090 2,294 2,538 2,816 2,776


*) The figures for 2013 are exclusive of the English-language study programmes and Sustainable Energy.

**) The 2014 figure cannot be directly compared with those from previous years on account of changes to the range of BEng study programmes offered.

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