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20 AUG

Increase in large-bodied fish stocks in the North Sea

Signs of recovery are appearing among previously overfished large-bodied fish stocks. This is good news, but may also present new challenges.

Fisheries and fish stocks
17 AUG

Increasingly important role for high tech in healthcare

High-tech solutions will improve our lives as they are rolled out in the healthcare sector.

17 AUG

Strong Danish contributions to ESS in Lund

One of Europe's largest research facilities, the European Spallation Source (ESS), is currently taking shape in a field outside Lund in Sweden. Denmark is heavily involved...

07 AUG

UN and DTU collaborate on sustainable future

Through UNEP DTU Partnership, the United Nations is working with DTU for cleaner energy and climate-adapted sustainable development in developing countries.

Energy Climate adaption CO2 separation and CO2 storage
31 JUL

DTU creates additional student places due to large number of applicants

A very large number of applicants—to DTU’s IT programmes in particular—has led DTU to create an additional 102 student places in addition to the 110 places planned in response...

24 JUL

Out-of-the-box thinking transforms carrot peel into carrot flour

Carrot peel is turned into flour instead of compost thanks to an idea developed by DTU students during a course on innovation and collaboration. The course lecturers...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production
24 JUL

Growing hemp and mushroom surfboards

Three students are using hemp and mushroom roots to grow the world’s first fully biodegradable surfboard in a mould.

23 JUL

New studio flats for international students

Construction on a new residential complex for international students will begin in the northwest corner of DTU Lyngby Campus in early August.

18 JUL

Surplus mussles turned into sustainable feed

Mussles that are too small to sell as food for humans are turned into sustainable, organic animal feed in a project at the National Food Institute, Technical University...

Food, fish and agriculture Fish and shellfish Food technology
12 JUL

DTU appoints manager of new Foodlab

DTU has appointed the internationally renowned Roberto Flore to head up DTU Skylab’s future Foodlab.