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LinkedIn groups for alumni from DTU


DTU has a number of groups on LinkedIn where you can meet other alumni:

DTU Alumni

DTU's official LinkedIn group for all alumni from DTU. Former exchange students as well as current students and employees are also welcome in the group.

DTU Alumni Ambassadors

This group is an opportunity for DTU Alumni to keep up to date with the university and to spread this information to family and friends who may be interested in studying at DTU. Posts will include the most recent rankings, application deadlines, stories about our students and alumni and much more.


Biomedical Engineering DTU Alumni Network
The Biomedical Engineering Alumni Network is a closed forum for MSc in Biomedical Engineering and the Biomedical Engineering faculty; a bridge between education, practice and research where inspiration, knowledge and experience can be shared.


DTU Physics and Nanotechnology Alumni Group
The groups purpose is to connect alumni from the DTU Physics and Nanotechnology program.

Medicine & Technology Alumni Network
Closed forum for Masters in Medicine and Technology and the Medicine and Technology faculty; a bridge between education, practice and research, where inspiration, knowledge and experience can be shared.

DTU Sustainable Energy Alumni Network


DTU IT & Økonomi Alumni



DTU - Indgang

DTU Alumni is a network for graduates from DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

The network is also open to international students who have studied at DTU as exchange students as well as staff who have been employed for more than three years at DTU.

Membership is free of charge.

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