DTU's mentor scheme

DTU’s mentor scheme is an important and fruitful cooperation between the alumni and students of DTU. The scheme is administered by the Alumni Secretariat and naturally integrates into DTU’s mission to have a close and productive interaction with society, at both the national and international level.

Why become a DTU Mentor?
You will have the opportunity to contribute to helping a new generation on their way with your practical knowledge. You will also likely give students a little of what you missed when you were at DTU: knowledge and experience from someone who has come face-to-face with and overcome many of the challenges that await students when they graduate.

The benefits that you gain from becoming a Mentor are that you:

  • Will be part of a large and specialized network of mentors
  • Will discover how new generations of engineers think and do business
  • Will be on first name terms with some of the country’s finest engineering students
  • As a StartupMentor, you will work with exciting inventions and new technology
  • As a CareerMentor, you will have the pleasure of equipping the students for their future in the labour market

Why become a Mentee?
This is a unique opportunity to learn from the insights, knowledge and experience that your DTU Mentor has accumulated over many years in the labour market.

The benefits you gain from becoming a Mentee are that you:

  • Will engage with an experienced engineer who knows your specific area of expertise
  • Will expand your network to include a diverse group of valuable new contacts
  • Will gain direct access to knowledge acquired from being on the labour market for many years
  • As a StartupMentee, you will enjoy the best possible conditions for becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • As a CareerMentee, you will clarify your career goals and gain an understanding of life as an engineer

The mentor programme in practise
The mentor programme consists of a series of exchanges between the mentor and mentee. The evolving dialogue should be the focus for both parties. In practise, this should be an exchange in which both mentor and mentee share valuable insights and experiences from their particular standpoint.

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