Photo: Bax Lindhardt. The main building - 324 - at the department DTU Compute.
20 MAY

DTU Compute strengthens focus on digital security

The department brings together research in cybersecurity and secure software systems into two sections and highlights at the same time the role of the engineer in society...

Information technology Mathematics
Platform by at the quay side with stairs to underwater observatory. Graphics: Econcrete.
20 MAY

And the winner is …

The Living Ports project – a consortium that includes DTU researchers, the company Econcrete and others – wins a sustainability award.
18 MAY

More knowledge on how immunotherapy works

Researchers from DTU Health Tech enable improved cancer treatment through increased  knowledge about immunotherapy.

Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases Cells
Hjertecentret på Rigshospitalet og DTU Compute skal sammen ved hjælp af et unikt dansk datasæt med patientundersøgelser indsamlet gennem mere end 10 år undersøge, om kunstig intelligens (AI) kan afsløre nye og hidtil ukendte tegn på hjertekar-sygdommene hjertestop og stroke.  Her læge i Hjertecentret på Rigshospitalet Klaus Fuglsang Kofoed og lektor Rasmus R. Paulsen fra forskningssektionen Visual Computing på DTU Compute. Foto: Rigshospitalet.
17 MAY

AI project investigates the risk of cardiac death and stroke

DTU and Rigshospitalet let artificial intelligence review unique patient data to find new ways to predict and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Mathematics Medicine and medico technology Image analysis Information technology
Foto af XX
12 MAY

A small light in the darkness of plastic pollution

A new PhD lights a candle in the darkness of plastic waste. Contrary to the concerns so far, some of the smallest in the marine ecosystem do not ingest microplastics...

Environment and pollution
06 MAY

First DTU microchip built with open source tools

Twelve students have designed a chip with free software, and it is being manufactured in the United States at no cost through a Google initiative.

Electrotechnology Information technology Mathematics
The new discovery of a precursor to a supermassive black hole can be attributed to data from the Hubble Space Telescope. (Image: Nasa)
02 MAY

Scientists discover the precursor to a supermassive black hole

Gazing back to the early epochs after the Big Bang, scientists, for the first time, have found the ancestor of a supermassive black hole.

Space research
Lasse Engbo Christiansen, DTU Compute. Credit: Hanne Kokkegård
02 MAY

DTU Mathematician to help SSI build up an expert group

Lasse Engbo Christiansen has been central in the group that has calculated the development of the pandemic and the effect of restrictions and reopening.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Mathematics Health and diseases
Foto privat Einar Eg
28 APR

Shark jaws hold crucial knowledge on the top predator's fate

A significant change in the genetics of tiger sharks reveals a vulnerability to direct exploitation and shark control programs. 

27 APR

Partnership to make cement more climate-friendly

DTU, FLSmidth, Danish Technological Institute and others will develop methods to replace fossil fuels with electricity in cement industry.

Energy Earth sciences Information technology Chemistry Construction and mechanics Mathematics