Photo: Mikal Schlosser
19 APR

Cod unaffected by new laser camera

A 3D-camera based on laser light can see through the murky conditions beneath the waves. DTU have tested cod to see whether they are irritated by being filmed.

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Photo: Vibeke Hempler
22 JAN

Four young DTU researchers are granted millions for research

Four young DTU researchers receive a total of DKK 23.1 million from the VILLUM FONDEN’s Young Investigator Programme on Friday, 22 January.

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Hvalblåst. Foto: Line Reeh
23 SEP

Size Matters

Why do whales use echolocation when bacteria do not? Because body size determines available sensing modes, argue researchers from Centre for Ocean Life

Physics Marine research Fish and shellfish
Photo: Joachim Rode
16 FEB

They can make ketchup flow smoothly

A DTU inventor and his partner have started their own business based on a microfluid chip that measures the flow properties of liquid products from paint to ketchup.

Food technology Physics
Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
10 NOV

Time to bring the insect radar out to the customers

The start-up FaunaPhotonics is one of 22 companies participating in the Danish Tech Challenge competition at Scion DTU. The objective is to make contact...

Food, fish and agriculture Lasers
Photo: Colourbox
08 APR

Sunflower oil may replace hazardous phthalates

A new process enables manufacturers to produce safe eco-friendly plasticisers from sunflower oil. Researchers from DTU Chemistry and DTU Food have contributed to the development...

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