Illustration: Benny Box
26 FEB

DTU is building for a sustainable future

DTU is investing just under half a billion kroner in a new building dedicated to research aimed at climate change mitigation: Climate Challenge Laboratory. The building...

24 FEB

Smaller businesses get help to increase cyber security

Together with six partners, DTU Compute will help Danish software companies to think about IT security in product development, right from the beginning.

$name IT systems Software and programming Systems and data security
The extension of DTU Skylab is, like all new buildings at DTU Campus, built in accordance with the DGNB Gold sustainability standard. Foto Sebastian Stigsby
24 FEB

Sustainability is a high priority on campus

Sustainability has been incorporated into all new buildings and all renovations at DTU, and generally characterizes life on campus, though it is not always visible. ...

Students and company employees will be trained to be catalysts for the transition to sustainability in the Cataly(c)st project.
23 FEB

Students to speed up sustainability and circular economy

Technical universities in the Nordic region join forces to help students and company employees speed up sustainability and the transition to a circular economy.  

Climate adaption Environment and pollution Life cycle analysis
Photo: Joachim Rode
22 FEB

From active student squatter to forward-thinking Director

Profile: Jacob Steen Møller has been in charge of DTU’s extensive campus development for almost 12 years. Now he is retiring. We joined him to see some of...

Photo: Fotograf Mikkel Swartz // Memorica.
22 FEB

DTU student association will focus on well-being

The coronavirus pandemic challenges students—both socially and academically—especially international students. A newly appointed board of Polyteknisk Forening...

Køretøjet Perseverance, som det vil se ud, når det er landet på Mars. Kamerasystemet fra DTU Space indgår i instrumentet PIXL – som på illustrationen lyser med violet mod klippen. (Illustration: NASA)
17 FEB

‘Seven minutes of terror’ before landing on Mars

NASA’s Mars mission, which DTU Space is participating in, has to be slowed down from 20,000 kilometres per hour to walking pace, and find the right place to land...

Space technology and instruments
15 FEB

3D images provide important knowledge about brain health

DTU Compute has developed algorithms and image analysis tools that help to increase the understanding of how diseases attack tissue in order to improve MRI techniques for...

Image analysis Data analysis Mathematical modelling Health and diseases
Photo: Bax Lindhardt
15 FEB

Remote-controlled robots save lab course

The corona lockdown inspired a lecturer to design autonomous robots, which were a hit with students.

Plastic toys Colourbox
12 FEB

Potentially harmful chemicals found in plastic toys

New research suggests that more than 100 chemicals found in plastic toy materials may pose possible health risks to children. The study provides findings that may lead...

Chemistry Mathematics Health and diseases
3D printer component
12 FEB

Xbox hacked to create nanoscale 3D printer

Researchers from DTU Health Tech have repurposed an optical component from an Xbox gaming console to develop an affordable 3D printer that can print 3D objects with nano...

Medicine and medico technology Micro and nanotechnology Optics
CHO cell research at DTU Biosustain and National Biologics Facility
12 FEB

DTU expands research and collaboration on cell cultures

Danish research into cell cultures and the development of proteins for biological pharmaceuticals—including for cancer treatment—is strengthened with new unit...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Enzymes and proteins Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases
Foto Bax Lindhardt
11 FEB

New Director of DTU’s Campus Service

On March 1, Peter Brønd will be new Director of Facilities at DTU. He replaces Jacob Steen Møller.

Foto Torben Nielsen
11 FEB

We’re overlooking the low-hanging fruit in the green transition

Professor Jacob Østergaard at Energy Supply: We need to act on several technological fronts to achieve the 70 per cent target of reducing climate gases by 2030.

 Experimental set-up on football field near d & b in Backnang, Germany. (Photo: d&b)
11 FEB

Taming the sound from outdoor concerts

DTU collaborates with leading German audio technology company on developing software that can limit noise from outdoor concerts. 

Sound Health and diseases
10 FEB

Biofilters to reduce climate impact from dairy cows and pigs

Biofilters that break down methane can be an important step towards cost-effective reduction of the climate footprint of Danish dairy cows and pig production.

Darko Zibar, newly appointed Professor at DTU Fotonik. Photo: Jesper Scheel
10 FEB

Machine learning to accelerate green internet development

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important tools in the development of the energy efficient internet and data transmission of the...

Jordnødder. Foto:
08 FEB

First Danish estimates for the burden of disease for peanut allergy

Researchers at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, have produced the first estimates for the burden of disease for peanut allergy. Burden of disease...

Food, fish and agriculture Health and diseases Nutrition and dietary habits
Hvalblåst. Foto: Line Reeh
05 FEB

New insight into whales and dolphins highlights conservation threat

Scientists have found that the metabolic changes that allowed whales and dolphins to adapt to their aquatic lifestyle have implications on how we should assess the impact...

Food, fish and agriculture
Photo: Colorbox
05 FEB

"Knowledge drives Denmark—long live researchers"

Anders Bjarklev, President of DTU—and Per Michael Johansen, Rector, Aalborg University in Jyllands-Posten: "If there is anything positive to be gleaned from the corona...