Celebration of PhD graduates

Each year in November, DTU hosts a ceremony to celebrate PhD graduates from the past year.

At the ceremony, all PhD graduates will receive a congratulatory diploma and can celebrate their PhD title with some sparkling wine and light snacks.

The next PhD Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday 27 November 2020 at 4 pm in the Great Hall on Lyngby campus.

We hope that it will be possible to invite new PhD graduates to a PhD Graduation Ceremony on campus in November 2020. However, restrictions/changes or in worst case cancellation may be necessary due to COVID-19.

Practical Information/FAQ

Invitations will be send out two months before the ceremony.

To be sure that you will receive your invitation, please update your email on www.alumni.dtu.dk/english.

If you do not receive an invitation, please contact alumni@dtu.dk.

Please note that you will only receive an invitation if you have completed your PhD at least two months prior to the PhD Graduation Ceremony. If you complete your PhD later than this, you will be invited to next year’s PhD Graduation Ceremony.

You register for the PhD Graduation Ceremony through a link in your personal invitation.

You are welcome to invite up to 3 guests, one of which will sit next to you during; the other two will sit in the designated guest area. Please keep in mind that your supervisor will receive an invitation so you do not have to invite him/her as one of your 3 guests.

A photographer will take photos of all graduates. The photos will be published on Flickr (for high resolution downloads) as well as on DTU Alumni's Facebook page 2 weeks after the ceremony.


If you wish to nominate your supervisor to the award for Supervisor of the Year, please do so by emailing Susan Zumbach Johannesen at suj@adm.dtu.dk by the 9th of October at the very latest. Please also include your reasons as to why exactly your supervisor should receive the award.

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