Meet Windy the Polar Bear

Wednesday 06 Feb 19

Facts about the Master

Admission to the programme requires a B.Sc. or B.Eng. degree or higher and at least two years of relevant working experience.

Relevant working experience could be – but is not necessarily restricted to - employment in:

  • The wind energy industry
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Companies performing environmental assessment
  • Public agencies with responsibilities related to engineering and natural sciences.

Have you ever considered studying online? If yes, please look at the Master of Wind Energy which DTU Wind Energy offers.

This is Windy.  Being a polar bear, the effects of  global warming  have an impact on her. Thus, she needs to do something, but what?

One way of making a change is to sign up for the Master of Wind Energy which DTU Wind Energy offers online. 

The Master of Wind Energy is a web-based education with a broad academic profile. The programme covers all essential aspects of wind energy engineering based on the research activities taking place at DTU Wind Energy. The master programme offers great flexibility and allows you to fit courses into a busy schedule.


Back to Windy, she really wants to sign up. However, she has no internet access on the ice floe.

But you can still make a difference by signing up and participating in the master.

Do like Renan Venturini de Paula from Brazil, Ding Suo from China or Mikkel Vibæk Jensen, a Dane living in the Netherlands. They have all participated in the Master of Wind Energy.