Jubilarian loves to fish by the pier at DTU Risø Campus

Tuesday 30 Jan 18


Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen
Associate Professor
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 47 09

About Lars

  • Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen, 51 years old
  • Married to Lene for 19 years
  • Have two daughters: Freja, 18 years old & Thea, 16 years old.

From DTU in Lyngby to Cambridge – and continuing to Aalborg University before returning to Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. Afterwards, he also went to Odense for six months. Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen has been around.

Lecturer Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen made his first appearance in the public sector back in 1993, thus he celebrates his 25-year jubilee this upcoming March. On his way, he has been working in Fyn and in Jylland – and even at Cambridge University in England. However, Risø is where he belongs.

The story began many years ago. Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen was educated at DTU in Lyngby, where he was offered a postdoc position in the field of Solid Mechanics. 

“I applied for a scholarship after my postdoc position. I received the scholarship, and thus I went to Cambridge to stay and work for a year back in 1997-1998,” he remembers.He remembers the period very well. The reason is that his girlfriend at that time, Lene, travelled with him to England. They had just met the summer before at Roskilde Festival. During their stay at Cambridge, Lene got pregnant, and that combined with the end of the one-year scholarship made the family travel back to Denmark.

Risø is his home
Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen and his wife Lene moved to Aalborg, where they stayed for some time. But they wanted to move back to Sjælland. Thus, he applied for a job at Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, where he became a senior researcher.  Besides a small six-month digression to Aalborg, Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen has stayed at Risø – even though the workplace has changed name from the National Laboratory to DTU Wind Energy.

“I love it here at DTU. I love to teach, and that is one of the main focus areas of DTU. I believe, I spend around 800-900 hours each year teaching,” he explains.

Even though teaching is of great importance to Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen, there is always time for his hobby: fishing. It is a hobby he that shares with several of his close colleagues from the Composite section at DTU Wind Energy:

“We are a group of people from the section who fishes together. I have just returned from Bornholm after a fishing trip together with Bo (Madsen). We are also several colleagues who go to the pier at DTU Risø Campus to angle garfish.”