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Medico-technology is the ‘new black’ for entrepreneurs

Wednesday 09 Dec 15

Danish Tech Challenge

An acceleration process intended specifically for hardware entrepreneurs, i.e. people working to develop new physical products. DTC was developed—and is run—by Scion DTU science park.

The Danish Industry Foundation is financing the project to the tune of DKK 11.9 million over four years. The intention is to help Denmark cultivate more industry-related growth entrepreneurs. The winner of this year’s challenge will be announced in January 2016. 


Jakob Svagin, Project Manager, Scion DTU,

Six entrepreneurs from DTU are among those in the running to take top honours in the Danish Tech Challenge 2016. In November, they had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors. 

There is a lot of interest in developing new hardware in the field of medico-technology. In November, 17 entrepreneurs unveiled their technologies for 150 investors and other interested parties at Scion DTU. The pitch was a part of the Danish Tech Challenge competition, where entrepreneurs battle one another for the first prize of DKK 500,000. A third of the ideas presented have to do with innovations in the field of medico-technology.

“We were surprised at how many medico-technology companies had signed up for the competition. Medico-technology is subject to heavy regulation and costs a great deal of money to develop,” says Jakob Svagin, Project Manager at Scion DTU. He believes that the interest in medico-technology is largely due to an elevated focus on health and welfare:

“Many people are currently devoting a lot of time to fitness and using technologies such as the sports app Endomondo or other technologies designed to boost life quality and to combat illness. As an entrepreneur, it is only natural to seek out areas with customer segments that will view your product as ‘need to have’. And this is often the case in the area of medico-technology.”

First prize means a great deal
It is the second year in a row that hardware companies are battling it out for the chance to win DKK 500,000. Last January, it was the Nordic Power Converters, the spinout from DTU, that took top honours. Since the entrepreneurs were presented with first prize, they have added DKK 13 million from investors and signed the first major order for their revolutionary power supply unit. Among the selected entrepreneurs in this year’s field are six companies with links to DTU.

“First prize means a great deal to the newly started companies. Most entrepreneurs are feeling a financial pinch, so DKK 500,000 is a welcome injection of capital. We also have a sense that the value the winners experience in the form of increased recognition and valuable media comment is worth much more,” says Jakob Svagin.

Six DTU companies taking up the challenge


One of the founders of Fluidan is Fridolin Okkels, who, through is research at DTU Nanotech, has discovered and patented RheoStream, This is a new technology that makes it possible to monitor fluid properties in industrial processes in real time.

Read article on Fluidan from February 2015.


Katrine K. S. Maarlev, one of the founders of GlycoSpot, is from DTU Systems Biology. Together with her team, Katrine has invented a product that can screen enzymes quickly and easily. 

 Foto: Colourbox MASH Biotech

MASH Biotech was founded by researchers from DTU Mechanical Engineering. The team has come up with a solution for converting sludge into oil that can then be incinerated at CHP plants to generate heat and electricity.


Plastisens was founded by Johannes Daprà from DTU Nanotech. The enterprise is built up around a sensor technology with the capacity to detect any residual antimicrobial agents in milk in less than a minute. 


SHUTE Sensing Solutions

SHUTE Sensing Solutions is a spinout from DTU Fotonik. The company develops sensor systems that can measure humidity, temperature and load. These sensors are suitable for use in a range of areas, from fish farming to the medico industry. 



Relibond is a student project from DTU Mechanical Engineering. The students have developed a special technology for joining high voltage cables.