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New online Master in Wind Energy

Friday 07 Apr 17
by Tom Nervil

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DTU Wind Energy

DTU Wind Energy has a strong research environment with close links to the industry—both in Denmark and internationally—and with a mission to exploit research results through science-based education, including supplementary training courses. Together, the department’s ten research units cover a very large number of disciplines, ranging from measurements of wind and wind resources to the design of wind turbine components and the integration of wind power in the electricity system.
DTU is launching a new online continuing education master’s programme in Wind Energy. The total workload is equivalent to one year of full-time study, but students can take the nine courses over two to four years to accommodate participants who are working full-time.

Denmark is a pioneer in wind energy with some of the leading manufacturers of wind turbines, large test facilities, and with DTU as one of the world's leading universities in wind technology research.

Since 2002, DTU has been one of only a few universities to offer a dedicated two-year MSc Eng programme in wind energy. Now DTU takes it one step further and offers students around the world a new and unique opportunity to take a web-based master's degree in wind energy.

Work while you study
Nine online courses and a final project equals a Master in Wind Energy. The programme targets individuals who are keen to sharpen their skills in one or more aspects of wind energy engineering, allowing them to hold down a job while studying for their master’s degree.

Taught online in English, the MSC Eng programme in Wind Energy attracts both international and Danish students.

Admission to the programme requires a BSc. or BEng. degree or higher and at least two years of relevant work experience.

The deadline for registration for the autumn semester is 15 June 2017.