Students swap summer holidays for beer brewing summer school

Thursday 31 Jul 14


Timothy John Hobley
Associate Professor
National Food Institute
+45 45 25 27 06

While the warm summer is an invitation to laze in the sun with a cold beer 30 students have instead gone to school for three weeks to brew the beer themselves. At the summer school in beer brewing at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, the students are given a practical introduction to safe food production with the production of a good beer as case study.

A three-week-long summer school at the National Food Institute has attracted 30 students with an interest in beer brewing. They have signed up for the course to learn more about the science behind the popular drink and the principals behind the hazard analysis & critical control points (HACCP) that apply to beer production.

Practical experience in brewing beer
The first week of the summer school takes place in the microbrewery, DTU Brew House, where participants try their hand at the whole beer brewing process from the grinding of malt, barley, rye or wheat through to fermentation and maturation of the finished product. Through classes in the quality control procedures used during the different steps in beer brewing process, students are also given an introduction to quality control.

The course gives students the opportunity to prepare a project that can compete in GRØN DYST, which is DTU’s study conference on sustainability, climate technology, and the environment.

It is the third year that the National Food Institute conducts the summer school in beer brewing. All participants receive 5 ECTS points.

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DTU Brew House, which is run by the National Food Institute, works to develop a sustainable brewery based on the latest technologies and interdisciplinary research. The brewery is an incubator for innovation and new ideas, where researchers, students and industry can work together to try out new ideas.

Read more about DTU Brew House on the National Food Institute’s website.