The attendees from the PhD Summer School on Remote Sensing for Wind Energy

Very popular PhD Summer School

Thursday 14 Jun 18


Charlotte Bay Hasager
DTU Wind Energy
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The PhD Summer School on Remote Sensing for Wind Energy is a great success with participants from all over the world.

Earlier this week, the PhD Summer School on Remote Sensing for Wind Energy 2018 began. 26 participants from all over the world including Europe, USA and Asia participate in the summer school. Most of the participants are involved in PhD studies for wind energy in which remote sensing will play a major role, explains Charlotte Bay Hasager, who is responsible for the summer school.

"The motivation is to learn from remote sensing and wind energy experts to progress their studies with state of the art. Several participants are employed in the industry such as wind turbine manufacturers, consultants and lidar company and they wish to update and expand their knowledge in the subject."

For DTU Wind Energy the Summer School  is important for colleagues to share knowledge, to strengthen international collaboration and to learn the great variety of novel applications being developed worldwide.

For participants the learning objectives are the key motivation for joining. The hands-on exercises with several remote sensing instruments at the Risø Campus is useful in the learning process and is much appreciated by the participants. Networking between PhD students and industry often give exciting new opportunities in future careers.

"In brief, we are at DTU Wind Energy proud to be the hub for PhD training in remote sensing for wind energy since 2008," says Charlotte Bay Hasager.