Technologist no 8, 2016

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Friday 08 Apr 16

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The feature story in the new issue of DTU’s international magazine, Technologist, is about how we will be moving around in our big cities in the future.

We probably have to thank engineers, researchers, and start-ups that we will even be able to get around the world's fast-growing cities. They all work on smart solutions that will solve the congestion and pollution problems related to the ever-increasing urban growth.

Self-driving buses—and cars for that matter—smart traffic lights ensuring that traffic runs smoothly, electric cars, bicycles, and motorcycles that do not emit toxic gas. These are just a few examples of the technical solutions that will benefit urban life.

Peruse the theme on ’Urban mobility’ on Technologist’s website.

The new issue also features an article on how apps that have been developed for gamers play an increasingly important role in health care. Meet the Danish company 'Be My Eyes', who have developed a smartphone app that allows blind people to get help from people who can see. Read the story here.

And meet former DTU student and entrepreneur Mads Bonde and his team who created Labster, which offers experience in a virtual lab used for teaching and learning life sciences. Read the interview here.

Read these—and many other stories of how technology and innovation impact our daily lives—in Technologist no. 8 which will be available many places on DTU’s campuses. Or keep up to date at with daily feeds from the world of technology and science.

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