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You don't have to choose your path once and for all

Monday 06 Sep 21

Streaming to the world

The Graduation Ceremonies are being streamed so graduates + family and friends can join and watch even though they do not have the opportunity to come to DTU.

Next Graduation Ceremonies will be held in November 2021.

Good advice from experienced alumni to new engineers and photos from Graduation Ceremonies this summer where nearly 300 new Bachelors of Engineering and Masters of Science in Engineering were celebrated.

Several times every year, DTU celebrates all new engineers at Graduation Ceremonies and always invite an alum to come and talk and inspire the new graduates. This is to both provide insights into how a career can shape and give a few good tips to get a good start.

In August 2021, three alumni spoke to the new Bachelors of Engineering and Masters of Science in Engineering. Here is their advice as well as photos from the Graduation Ceremonies:


Sanne Kaasen

Sanne Kaasen – BSc of Engineering, It electronics (IT engineer) (2006) – Head of IT, IFU

Advice from Sanne Kaasen:

  • Lifelong learning: As an engineer, you'll never get bored! As an engineer, you’re educated to wonder, learning to learn, be creative and problem-solving. Now that you’ve finished your education, you will get paid to learn new things and make the world a better place.

    Through your studies at DTU, you have gained the perfect foundation for lifelong learning; you are currently entering a phase of action learning and on-the-job training where you will be responsible for creating your own learning and development spaces.
  • Personal and professional development: There are many major societal problems that you will be able to solve in various ways through your work as an engineer.

    When you face challenges and setbacks in your work and may be overwhelmed by the responsibility you have assumed, remember that you are employed for what you can, but also because you can enter new learning spaces and acquire new knowledge and competences. It enables you to take responsibility for solving tasks even if you don't know exactly how – you have the tools and abilities to find out on the way and learn more in the process.

    There are many ways to be an engineer, and you don't have to choose your path once and for all – you can be a specialist, a generalist, have a technical or administrative focus, just as you can work at all levels from the strategic to the operational. Try things out! Be open to new challenges, say yes to new things. Take responsibility for your own development and be prepared to change tracks if you see an exciting opportunity.
  • Pass it on: When you find your way out there and bring your education and knowledge into play, I hope that you will remember that there are others who will enjoy learning with and from you. You have a lot to share, both on a professional and personal level, and even though you may not always feel that you have all the answers – no one has – there are many out there who will benefit from your experiences.

Photos from the Graduation Ceremony for Bachelors of Engineering on Wednesday 18 August 2021


Andreas Moesgaard Christiansen

Andreas Moesgaard Christiansen – MSc in Applied Chemistry (2015) – Scientist, Leo Pharma

Advice from Andreas Moesgaard Christiansen:

On my non-linear path through work life so far, I have learned five important things that I would have liked to know as a new graduate:

  • You create great value for your employer right from the start. Remember this, if you lose faith in yourself.
  • Listen to yourself. If a job feels wrong for you, it probably is. At a job interview, make sure that both the job, the boss and the coworkers are as good a fit for you.
  • No one is expected to know everything from the start. This is true when you are new graduate, but also on the first day on a new job later when you have years of experience.
  • Listen to people you work with. Most often, your boss, coworkers, technicians, operators, or customers will have the key to solving your problem. As an engineer, you can do everything – or you can learn it, or find someone who can help you.
  • Remember that even if your time at DTU is at an end, the skills, knowledge, friends and network will be with you for a long time. This not the end of your relationship with DTU, but rather a change in status.

Photos from the Graduation Ceremony for Master of Science in Engineering on Thursday 19 August 2021 16:30


Villads Egede Johansen

Villads Egede Johansen – MSc in Electrical Engineering (2011), PhD (2015) – Optical Design Engineer, NIL Technology

Advice from Villads Egede Johansen:

Speak up and be bold! It might not fit your personality, but it can be part of your professional identity and it will benefit yourself and others:

  • We're in the middle of a climate crisis, and we need fresh eyes and voices to change status quo. Nothing is going to happen if you do not voice your concerns, and I can guarantee you that you will be happy looking back knowing that you made a difference.
  • Be upfront about your personal needs whether it is working from home, reduced hours or a comfortable office chair. Both your work life and private life will be better when you thrive.
  • Consider working abroad while you are still young and independent. It broadens your horizon for the rest of your life.

Photos from the Graduation Ceremony for Master of Science in Engineering on Thursday 19 August 2021 18:30

Congratulations to all new graduates!