Photo: Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach

Two wins for DTU in Venture Cup

Wednesday 04 Feb 15


Dennis Valbjørn Christensen
DTU Energy
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Once again, DTU triumphs in the annual Venture Cup Idea Competition by winning in two of five categories, this time the Services and Product & Technology categories.

By Bjørn Lymann Jespersen

In the Services category Fishtrip took first prize. The idea is to create a “” for anglers, narrowing the gap between sport anglers and the range of products, which are and should be available to them. Owners of fishing boats advertise vacancies on the web site, allowing anglers who want to go, to book online. The team was commended for finding a niche market with great potential for development and earnings.

Transparent World
Introducing a new transparent conductor material to substitute the expensive indium tin oxide used in displays, touchscreens and solar cells Transparent World won in the category Product & Technology. There is not much indium tin oxide left in the world today, so Transparent World developed a new material that can be the same but is 150 times cheaper to produce because it is based on zinc oxide instead of indium tin oxide. The jury was particularly impressed by the global opportunities in the product. Read more about their project.

In addition to the two winning teams, DTU was represented in as many as six out of 18 projects that made it to the finals.

Venture Cup

The idea competition participants have the chance of winning DKK 25,000 in each of the five categories as well as the People’s Choice Award of DKK 25,000.

Participation means access to advisers, workshops and an extensive network of investors, experts from the industry and other entrepreneurs. All the participants receive feedback from our qualified members of the jury.

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