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New centre for water-related research

Monday 08 Sep 14


Peter Steen Mikkelsen
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 16 05

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A new centre will unite competencies, making DTU even stronger in the field of water-based research.

DTU conducts research in several water-related areas—water technologies, water systems, water resources, water management in a variety of contexts to mention but a few. DTU has now established a centre for water activities to house, expand, and highlight its competencies in this area.

DTU Environment has long been considering how to generate greater synergies between the many activities, particularly in light of the increasing focus on water in recent years. Problems associated with torrential rain, water treatment and drinking water quality present major challenges, but research is also being conducted in new areas such as energy and resource recovery, increasing the demand for water engineers.

Over the past few years, DTU Environment has therefore worked actively towards establishing a centre for water activities. The result of these efforts: Water DTU.

Nine departments are so far involved, and a task force has been appointed to lay down the centre framework and profile. The centre is anchored at DTU Environment and headed by centre director Professor Peter Steen Mikkelsen.

Article from DTUavisen No. 7, September 2014.