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DTU professor behind non-hackable mobile phone

Monday 10 Feb 14


Lars Ramkilde Knudsen
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 30 48
Spin-out company will keep private conversations private.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel should be among the first customers when a new discovery by Professor Lars Ramkilde Knudsen from DTU Compute is transformed into tangible products. This is because Professor Knudsen has created a completely new method for dynamic encryption that enables non-hackable mobile telephony on standard smartphones—without requiring dedicated handsets.

In addition to the inventor himself, the team behind the company comprises former Nokia employees with specialist mobile phone knowledge and an experienced manager from the telecoms industry, who has a broad network among the most promising potential customer groups.

Shortly before Christmas, DTU and the team behind the invention founded the company Dencrypt, which thus became the eighth spin-out from DTU in 2013.

The Dencrypt team has developed the first prototypes, which have already attracted interest among the first key customers. The timing of the establishment of the company is remarkably fortunate, given the recent spate of hacking scandals.

DTU has filed a patent application for the invention, and will own ten per cent of the shares in the company.