Photo of Renan Venturini, Head of Studies Merete Badger, Supervisor Mark Kelly and Co-supervisor Neil Davis

Graduation time: "This programme is very recommended"

Tuesday 27 Aug 19


Merete Badger
Senior scientist
DTU Wind Energy
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Renan Venturini de Paula is one of the eight participants in the Master of Wind Energy that graduates this week.

Head of studies at DTU Wind Energy Merete Badger is content. This week, eight participants graduate from the Master of Wind Energy that DTU Wind Energy offers online.

The eight participants graduating are the first participants from the master. Thus, Merete Badger is proud:

“The participants are some of the coolest, most impressive and dedicated individuals I know. They have completed a university programme in parallel with their daily work and other responsibilities. Also, they are the first to try out the online Master courses,” she says.

One or two difficulties

Main supervisor, Mark Kelly, has been very happy supervisor Renan Venturini.

"I like the supervision so far. The Master’s supervision has gone quite well," he says.

According to Merete Badger, there has been a few difficulties along the way. Still, Renan Venturini de Paula, a participant from Brazil, only has positive words to say about the education.

“I really enjoyed the programme. All courses covered, in a broad but understandable way, all topics within the wind energy business, not only technical but also financial and social,” he says and continues:

“If someone wants to enter the field of wind energy, or even enhance their knowledge in areas they are not familiar with, this programme is very recommendable. The teachers are very helpful and have deep knowledge of the courses.”

Renan Venturini de Paula was the first participant ever to graduate from the Wind Energy Master.