Photo: Tom Jersø/ATV

Anti-corrosion paint research wins prize

Friday 09 May 14


Søren Kiil
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 27

ATV | Elastyren Prize

The Danish polymer prize—ATV | Elastyren Prize—was established to promote innovation and excellent results within chemical R&D. The prize is awarded to a researcher who has distinguished himself through innovation and significant results within chemical research and in developing synthetic or biological polymers for medical applications, including work within elastomer materials. The prize is awarded annually by the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).

Associate Professor Søren Kiil, DTU Chemical Engineering, receives the ATV | Elastyren Prize 2014 for his research into anti-corrosion paint.

The Danish polymer prize—ATV | Elastyren Prize 2014—has been presented to Associate Professor Søren Kiil at DTU Chemical Engineering. The award comes with a prize of DKK 100,000. Søren Kiil is being awarded the prize for contributing significant new research-based knowledge within the field of polymers, and for his ability to link research findings with industrial applications.

Over the past 15 years, Søren Kiil has conducted research into using polymers in products such as coatings (paint) and pharmaceuticals. His fundamental research has been used on a regular basis for industrial products in close collaboration with the business sector, and many of his scientific articles have been co-published with industrial enterprises.

Corrosion-resistant paint
The panel of judges highlight in particular Søren Kiil’s work within polymer technology which can be used in anti-corrosive coatings, in other words corrosion-resistant paint. The research also includes polymer-based anti-fouling paint for ocean-going vessels and fire-retardant paint for steelwork.

As a lecturer at DTU Chemical Engineering, he disseminates his knowledge about research methods, engineering models and research results to DTU’s students while concurrently teaching engineers and chemists in the paint industry.

Søren Kiil has published a large number of scientific articles and taken out two patents with Hempel A/S. Alongside his main research area, Søren Kiil conducts research into medicines production together with H. Lundbeck A/S.