Picture of the group heading WESA

WESA welcomed new Wind Energy Students at DTU

Wednesday 10 Oct 18


Mareen Melissa Tiedemann
Industrial PhD
DTU Wind Energy



  • WESA serves as a platform for students to connect with each other and the industry
  • WESA and DTU Wind Energy are working together to ensure that the best of support, opportunities and facilities are available to students

WESA (Wind Energy Student Association) welcomed all the new students, that started at DTU Wind Energy in September.

DTU continues to be a name well-known for technical expertise and experience in Wind Energy. It is one of the few institutions offering a dedicated Master Programme in Wind Energy and also welcomes exchange students wishing to gain specialization in wind energy.

The University thus attracts talented students from all over the world. For each of these students, an inclusive and supportive environment is created right from the beginning of student life through the DTU Introduction Week. The students are introduced to each other and to all that the university has to offer in terms of facilities, services, clubs, etc.

The Wind Energy Student Association (WESA) at DTU Wind Energy played an active role in welcoming new students at DTU Wind Energy at the start of the semester. WESA was involved during the Introduction Week. Mareen Tiedemann, President of the Founding Board of WESA, welcomed the students and delivered an Inspiration Talk about studying wind energy and about the Masters Programme, drawing on examples from her own experience as well as those of others.

Athanasios Kormas, the current WESA President, introduced the students to WESA and helped answer many practical questions during the Q&A session.