DTU skal i 2019-20 udvikle et nyt læringsmiljø om rummet og naturvidenskab til brug i skoler og gymnasier. (DTU Space)

DTU Space to develop virtual space tour for youngsters

Thursday 10 Jan 19


Kristian Pedersen
DTU Space
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With EUR 282,000 of funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, DTU Space is to head the development of a virtual learning environment for schools and youth education programmes on space, natural science, and technology.

Children and young people are deeply fascinated by space. They are curious about what is happening out there in the universe, and how it is explored. This great interest often strengthens young people’s desire to immerse themselves more generally in natural science and technology. DTU would like to contribute to strengthening and improving the quality of this process.

Therefore, DTU Space will now initiate the development of an interactive, virtual learning environment on space, natural science, and technology targeted at pupils, students, and teachers in the 7th-9th grades of primary school, as well as upper secondary school, and other relevant youth education programmes. This will be done based on funding of EUR 282,000 (DKK 2.1 million) from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. 

"There’s great interest in our work. We receive many inquiries from teachers, pupils, and students in primary schools and upper secondary schools."
Professor Kristian Pedersen, Director of DTU Space

“There’s great interest in our work. We receive many inquiries from teachers, pupils, and students in primary schools and upper secondary schools who are looking for knowledge about space and space research in Danish. We’re therefore pleased that—with support from Novo Nordisk Foundation—we now have the opportunity to develop a space environment targeted at young people with teaching aids and materials, learning games, and articles of high quality,” says Professor in Space Science and Director of DTU Space, Kristian Pedersen.

“We’ll also show that space comprises several technology and natural science areas. The use of space is about much more than blasting off rockets with equipment for studying the universe. A large part of our work is about using space to examine the weather, climate, and environment here on Earth and on the development of space-based navigation and communication.”

Learning experts and game developers are involved
The new learning environment is developed in collaboration with teachers, experts, game developers, and organisations with special insight into teaching in natural science and technology.
“There’s a general need in society for making more young people take an interest in natural science and technology, so that more of them will—in the long term—choose study programmes in this field. And—in this context—space and space research are a fascinating entry point,” says Kristian Pedersen.

DTU Space is making expertise available for the project within the field of learning technology—including with contributions from DTU’s Centre for Digital Learning Technology—and IT systems for the learning environment platform.

Unique support is to create enthusiasm

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has just granted a total of DKK 100 million in funding for 19 projects aimed at strengthening natural science education and communication throughout Denmark with DTU Space as one of the recipients.

This is the first time the Foundation is granting funds in open competition for education and communication in natural science. The purpose is to create learning and enthusiasm for this field among children and young people.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is a Danish commercial foundation with two main purposes:

  • To provide a stable basis for the commercial and research activities conducted by the companies in the Novo Group
  • To support scientific, humanitarian, and social purposes. The foundation’s vision is to make a significant contribution to research and development that improves human life and social sustainability.