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DKK 2.4 Million to spread the enthusiasm for biotechnology

Tuesday 02 Jul 19


Mette Haagen Marcussen
Head of Communications
DTU Bioengineering
+45 23 71 23 10


Amalie Avnborg

Amalie Avnborg
Leader of Biotech Academy
Søltofts Plads
Building 227, R 041
+45 23 31 00 61


Marcus Deichmann
Leader of Biotech Academy
Søltofts Plads
Building 227, R 041
+45 60 63 09 46

 Malene Bonné Meyer

Malene Bonné Meyer
Head of Teaching and
Talent Development
DTU Bioengineering
Søltofts Plads 
Bygning 221, R 020
+45 25 49 33

Biotech Academy Portfolio

Projects and exercises

  • 30 Teaching Projects
  • 6 Virtuel Laboratory Exercises
  • 77 Teaching Videos
  • 5 Dokumentary Movies 
  • 1 Experimental kit
  • Annual Science-camp at DTU for HTX-, HF- and STX-students

Collaboration Projects

  • ATU's Biotechnology-Camp 2019 – A collaboration with The Academy of the Talented Young East
  • Wonders of Biology: The fungi - A Natural Wonder - A collaboration with 'Age of Biology', an initiative from Novozymes Novozymes
  • Nanotech Academy – A collaboration with DTU Health Tech
  • Guys’ and Girls’ Day in Science – A collaboration with Novozymes
  • More than 450 talks as Novo Science Ambassadeurs
  • En case about stem cells – a collaboration with LIFE
  • Drughunter Challenge – A collaboration with Lundbeck
  • Collaboration projects with more than 40 businesses and organizations

The Novo Nordisk Foundation grants DKK 2.4 Million to ensure students in primary and secondary schools free educational materials in biotechnology from DTU.

The effect of freely available teaching materials for secondary education and primary schools is the driving force for the student organization Biotech Academy (BA), which since 2006 has been run by academically strong and committed students at DTU.

Their efforts have stimulated the joy and enthusiasm of biology and biotechnology at various school levels, and now the Novo Nordisk Foundation donates 2.4 million DKK to Biotech Academy's work.

"Our vision is to inspire and create interest for the natural sciences among Denmark's students and in the general population, while also contributing with motivation and challenges to those who advance in the life sciences," says the heads of the Biotech Academy, Amalie Avnborg and Marcus Deichmann.

BA has since 2006 produced no less than 30 teaching projects, six virtual laboratory exercises, 77 teaching videos, five documentaries and an experimental kit, all of which can be downloaded free of charge from Biotech Academy’s website.

The students continually develop their teaching materials such as The Virtual Laboratory, where students can solve various tasks in a simulated online laboratory and the annual Biotech Academy Camp, where 24 skilled high school students with a passion for biology and biotechnology from all over Denmark are selected to use their autumn holidays at DTU. Through hands-on exercises in DTU's laboratories and visits to biotech companies, the camp gives the students a realistic insight into what it means to work with biotechnology at universities and in industry.

" I am convinced that Biotech Academy has a significant share in the growing interest in biotechnology."
Malene Bonné Meyer, Head of Teaching and Talent Development, DTU Bioengineering

Biotech Academy is anchored at DTU Bioengineering, but the students have always acquired funds for operation and development themselves.

With the grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Biotech Academy will offer several free innovative teaching materials, host science-camps for motivated students, quality assure and maintain their existing teaching materials, and disseminate knowledge and use of Biotech Academy's diverse resources.

"We hope that knowledge-flows from universities to school courses that includes the use of technologies, can contribute to the next generations’ understanding of biotechnology as the answer to some of the world's most pressing issues. I am convinced that Biotech Academy has a significant share in the growing interest in biotechnology,” says Head of Teaching and Talent Development at DTU Bioengineering Malene Bonné Meyer.

Head of Secretariat at the Academy of Talented Young East, Ellen Smidt-Nielsen is pleased with their collaboration with Biotech Academy, which supports the work of challenging specially motivated talents in the field of science:

"Every day The Academy of Talented Young East develops and challenges talented students from primary and secondary school. It requires the right framework that talents are seen and heard, that they are challenged and get the necessary knowledge that helps them realize their potential. In the field of natural science, we are pleased to be able to collaborate with among others Biotech Academy, which provides research-based teaching materials and a good network of committed and skilled teachers”.