A lidar and a windscanner

New one-day course on Lidar for Offshore Wind Measurements

Wednesday 21 Aug 19

DTU Wind Energy offers a new 1-day course. The course will focus on the use of Doppler lidar for wind measurements for offshore wind energy application.

On 25 November 2019, DTU Wind Energy offers a 1-day course on Lidars for Offshore Wind Measurements. It is the first time; DTU Wind Energy offers this course.

The course addresses wind engineers who want to use wind lidars for offshore wind energy projects and wish to have a good understanding of the technology, its advantages and limitations.

The objectives of the course are:

  1. Understand the measurement principle of a Doppler wind lidar (continuous wave and pulsed technologies)
  2. Understand the difference between turbulence measured by a Doppler wind lidar and a sonic anemometer and how to use turbulence measurement from lidars (for vertical profiler lidars and nacelle mounted lidars)
  3. Use wind lidars for offshore wind turbine performance testing (including nacelle lidars and scanning lidars on turbine Transition Piece – pros/cons and challenges).
  4. Use floating lidars for offshore wind resource assessment (pros/cons and challenges).
  5. Know the status of best practice and international standards.

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