Atlantic Sapphire, Homestead, USA. Photographer: Thue Holm.

Researchers and industry share newest knowledge on environmentally friendly fish production

Wednesday 30 Oct 19


Anne Johanne Tang Dalsgaard
Senior Researcher
DTU Aqua
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Next NordicRAS Workshop

Next NordicRAS workshop will be in autumn 2021. By signing up for the NordicRAS Network you will be notified in advance—interest in the 2019 workshop was overwhelming and many were rejected.
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NordicRAS Network

NordicRAS workshops are held by the Nordic Network on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (NordicRAS Network) coordinated by DTU Aqua. The network aims at coordinating and strengthening research and development of recirculating aquaculture systems. Its primary activity is to organizing a workshop every other year on RAS related research. Everybody with a professional interest in RAS is welcome to join the network. Currently the network has around 530 members.

Participants from around the world gained insight into some of the World’s largest land-based recirculating aquaculture systems at the fifth NordicRAS Workshop.

300 participants from 30 nations gathered in Berlin 7-8 October 2019 to share newest knowledge, inspire ideas, and discuss ways to improve environmentally friendly production of fish in land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). All participated in the fifth NordicRAS workshop organized by DTU Aqua. A unique compilation of RAS expertise was present at the workshop including world-leading RAS technology providers, global fish feed producers, managers of listed aquaculture companies, and RAS scientists.

World’s largest RAS facility

As in other years, it was a compressed workshop program with 6 session and 36 presentations in 1½ days. Participants were presented to some of the large RAS facilities around the World moving from North America to China. Most impressive was no doubt Atlantic Sapphires ”Miami Bluehouse” in Miami. This facility, which is under construction and rooted in “Langsand Laks” in Ringkøbing, Denmark, aims at producing 9500 ton Atlantic salmon for the American marked already in 2020. This is, however, just the start. Ultimately, the company aims at producing 90,000 ton salmon on land. In comparison, Denmark has a total yearly aquaculture production of approx. 50,000 ton. 

Water quality and exchange of hand-on experiences

Participants also learned about effects of fish feed and faeces on RAS water quality and micro particle development, while harmful and helpful microbial processes in RAS was another theme. Last but not least, daily managers talked about their hands-on experiences with operating large scale RAS and challenges with implementing new technologies. 

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Next workshop will be in autumn 2021 at a venue to be decided.

Denmark—a RAS pioneer country

Denmark is a pioneer country in environmentally friendly fish production and export of land-based recirculating aquaculture system technology. Modern aquaculture systems use ground- and surface water, which is cleaned and recirculated in-line. In addition, cleaning of effluents prior to discharge reduces the amounts of nutrients discharged per ton fish produced considerably.