Major EU grants to pioneering research

Thursday 17 May 18
by Søren Ravn


Nini Pryds
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Energy
+45 46 77 57 52
Grants Researchers receive funding from the European Commission for pioneering research.

It is not often that researchers from Danish universities share in the millions of euros awarded annually in the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Programme under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 umbrella.

However, this year the programme recognized Professor Nini Pryds and Professor Vincenzo Esposito from DTU Energy. They are both coordinators on the project ‘BioWings - Bio-compatible electrostrictive smart materials for future generation of medical micro-electro-mechanical systems’—and DTU and the six project partners will receive approximately EUR 3 million for the International research and cooperation project.

The demographic trend of rapid population growth and ageing puts pressure on the global health sector, increasing the need for intelligent, efficient, and affordable biomedical systems. The DTU-led BioWings project under FET-Open will promote the development of biocompatible materials for micro-electro-mechanical systems which are a key element, as they allow the integration of smaller units with diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic functions that are also suitable for implantation.

FET-Open is one of three FET programmes under the main Horizon 2020 programme which provides support for research on ground-breaking and visionary technology. As the FET Open is open to ideas within all areas of technology, there are a great many applications from all the EU countries.

“It is a very ambitious competitive programme and thus a great honour for us to be considered. The grant paves the way for collaboration with some of the world’s leading departments in this field. We can now concentrate on solving a fundamental problem by introducing new environmentally friendly, bio-based materials in the field of health—as opposed to lead-based alternatives. This has long been a desire on the part of the European Union,” says Nini Pryds.

In addition to the support for the DTU Energy project, Professor Anders Kristensen from DTU Nanotech has been awarded a grant of EUR 99,000 for the coordination and support project 'Digital resonant laser printing for mass customization of flat optics'.