Best teachers of the semester spring-summer 2018 (Photo: Benny Johansen)

Best teachers of the semester at DTU Elektro

Wednesday 07 Nov 18


Dimitrios Papageorgiou
Assistant Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 35 72


Mogens Blanke
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 35 65


Hans Henrik Niemann
Associate Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 35 59
Teachers of the course 'Robust and fault-tolerant control' were acknowledged as best teachers of the semester at a Department staff meeting this Monday.

At a Department staff meeting on 5 November 2018 it was announced by our Deputy Head of Department Michael A.E. Andersen that the best teachers of the Spring 2018 and June/July/August 2018 semester are:

Postdoc Dimitrios Papageorgiou, Professor Mogens Blanke and Associate Professor Hans Henrik Niemann - all from our Automation and Control group - for the MSc course: 31320 Robust and fault-tolerant control (Robust og fejltolerant regulering).

The nominations are based upon the student evaluations received and examined by the Department's Board of Studies and Management. 

The course and teachers received excellent student evaluations.

Selected student quotes on the course's teachers: 

“Really great teacher, really good explanations, both from a theoretical and practical point of view."

“…you helped us understand what was going on. You should really continue giving lectures!”

“Good lecturer, really makes us understand what is going on and follow through all 2 hours of lectures.”

At the the meeting the teachers were awarded with a best teacher diploma and a nice box of chocolates each. They received a big round of applause from the audience. Since Mogens Blanke was on holiday, he did not attend the meeting.

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