Foto: Vibeke Hempler
13 DEC

DTU receives grant for advanced research equipment

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants worth DKK 75 million for research infrastructures. Three of the six grants were awarded to DTU researchers.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Chemistry Medicine and medico technology
The ship and sail
12 DEC

DTU Wind Energy involved in sail designed especially for cargo ships

A group of researchers from DTU Wind Energy have helped develop a sail designed especially for use in maritime transport. The aim is to reduce global CO2 emissions by two...

Wind energy Energy
Niels Gregersen
12 DEC

EU grant for more powerful quantum computers

Associate Professor Niels Gregersen from DTU Fotonik receives one of the coveted ERC Consolidator Grants from The European Research Council (ERC) for the development of...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Light sources Optics
Fisk. Foto:
12 DEC

The waste from seafood to become the sustainable foods of the future

In order to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we should utilize the ocean’s resources and create nutritional foods from the seafood industry&rsquo...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Food technology
Kanyle. Foto:
11 DEC

DTU’s part in assessing the safety of the world’s first Ebola vaccine

The world got its first commercial vaccine against Ebola in November 2019. The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), has played a part in assessing...

Genes and genomes Health and diseases
Photo: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
10 DEC

Antimicrobial resistance expert at DTU among the world’s most influential researchers

Professor and antimicrobial resistance expert Frank Møller Aarestrup from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), is among the most influential...

Bacteria and microorganisms Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Genes and genomes
09 DEC

Advanced microscopy at a lower cost

New paper in Nature Communications

Light sources Optics
Foto Colourbox
09 DEC

A Safety Guide for Smart Cities

Cyber security is a growing concern as public authorities and their suppliers develop still more digital solutions. A new guidebook founded on DTU contributions comes to...

Kick off event på DTU Skylab: Leaving No One Behind.
06 DEC

Kick-off for Technology leaving no one behind

More than 100 students, early startups and members of the Disabled Peoples’ Organizations Denmark participated in the kick-off event for Technology leaving no one...

Innovation and product development Entrepreneurship
Rektor Anders Overgaard Bjarklev. Foto: Arkiv
06 DEC

Anders Bjarklev reappointed as President of DTU

DTU’s Board of Governors (DTU) has decided to reappoint Professor, Dr.techn. Anders Overgaard Bjarklev for a new period as President of DTU from 1 November 2020...

Graduates November 2019
06 DEC

Be bold and grab the opportunities

Advice from experienced alumni to new engineers and photos from Graduation Ceremonies this autumn where more than 500 new Bachelors of Engineering and Masters of Science...

Xanthan gummi chitosan nanofibre. Foto: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
05 DEC

Nano-designed ingredients with improved properties

The National Food Institute uses carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids to develop natural so-called nano-microstructured ingredients, which the food industry can use to produce...

Food, fish and agriculture Food technology Food production
04 DEC

AquaGreen – turning sludge into a sustainable resource

DTU spinout AquaGreen has found a way to turn sludge into marketable biochar – a sustainable coal that functions as fertilizer, improves the quality of soil and binds...

Picture of Henrik Bredmose in the middle with his two PhD Students
04 DEC

DTU Wind Energy Professor named 'PhD Supervisor of the year'

Henrik Bredmose, Professor at DTU Wind Energy has been named ’PhD supervisor of the year at DTU.’

Wind energy Energy
Thomas Kongstad Petersen
04 DEC

Become a mentor for a pre-startup

Industry professional Thomas Kongstad Petersen tells about his motivation for participating in DTU’s pre-startup mentor programme.

Billedecollage fra DTU
03 DEC

Application for MSc programmes at DTU autumn 2020 intake is open

Do you know someone who would be interested in studying at DTU in 2020?

Winnie E. Svendsen, professor DTU Bioengineering har stor erfaring med at udvikle nanostrukturer i renrummet på DTU Nanolab. Foto: Peter Aagaard Brixen.
03 DEC

Fine nanowires with disease-detecting potential

A new startup with DTU involvment will use nanowires to capture particles that can reveal diseases such as leukaemia.

Nanoparticles Materials Nanomedicine Innovation and product development
Studerende i gang med undervisning
03 DEC

New MSc programme with focus on entrepreneurship

From the autumn 2020 intake, DTU will be offering a new study programme: Master of Science in Technology Entrepreneurship.