Scientists are identifying enzymes that can, with extremely high efficiency, utilize CO2 directly from the air. Photo: BII
13 JAN

DTU embarks on a hunt for enzymes to convert CO2

Scientists are identifying enzymes that are extremely efficient at utilizing CO2 directly from the air and converting it into new chemicals and bio-fuels.

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaptation Enzymes and proteins Bioenergy Energy systems Energy production
Foto Bax Lindhardt
12 JAN

Two ERC Starting Grants for young researchers

Two young DTU researchers have each won an ERC Starting Grant for independent basic research of EUR 1.5 million or just over DKK 11 million.

Enzymes and proteins Solar energy Materials Organic chemistry
DIGITAL TECH SUMMIT 2021 - Mikal Schlosser for DTU Compute
03 DEC

The Digital Tech Summit got off to a good start

Denmark's new major tech and research event has created a venue for the research and companies that drive the digital development in Denmark and the Nordic countries...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Electrotechnology Energy Information technology Mathematics Medicine and medico technology
Foto: Jolanta Kucharska_Flickr
25 NOV

DTU strengthens collaboration with Mexican university

New agreements reinforce international research collaboration and student exchange between DTU and Tec De Monterrey.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food, fish and agriculture Energy Information technology Environment and pollution
Young man suffering from stomach ache standing
15 OCT

Immunodeficiency affects intestinal microbiome

Researchers find correlation between immunodeficiency and pathogenic intestinal bacteria.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Girl with cancer looks at doctor
15 OCT

New technology developed at DTU finds hidden cancer cells

New technology allow researchers to find hidden cancer cells by measuring global protein levels in single cells.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Computer calculations Software and programming
Yaolei Zhang and Donna
11 OCT

Obese pigs help us understand human obesity

Mapping of the complete genome of the obesity-prone Ossabaw pig gives new hope for further insights into human obesity and associated diseases

Genes and genomes Health and diseases Medicine and medico technology
Two researchers looking at test tubes
04 OCT

New avenues have been opened to bio-based fluorinated drugs and polymers

By engineering tiny soil bacteria, scientists from DTU Biosustain have found a new way to produce a fluorinated building block towards bio-based drugs and materials...

Biotechnology and biochemistry
27 SEP

Promising low-cost method for rapid Covid-19 detection

DTU Health Tech researchers develop a method for detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA with the ability to be designed to detect other diseases.

Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases Viruses
Foto: Shutterstock
22 SEP

DTU is part of the world's first research center on CO2 capture

DTU contributes development of enzymes to a new research center, which will remove CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into raw materials.

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaptation Environment and pollution Innovation and product development Enzymes and proteins