22 SEP

”New” lactic acid bacteria can make African camel milk safe

A research project headed by the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, has come up with the formula for a freeze-dried starter culture that African camel milk farmers can...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Food production
Hvide køer i stalden
16 SEP

Cows on diet emit 40 per cent less methane

Feed changes can reduce methane formation from microorganisms in the cow’s paunch and reduce cows' emissions by 40 per cent without compromising milk yield.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Environment and pollution Food, fish and agriculture
04 SEP

DTU spinout raises DKK 14 M in seed financing

DTU spinout Chromologics, receives DKK 14 M to accelerate the development and approval of ChromoRed, a natural and sustainable red food coloring.

Food production Fermentation
Campylobacter. Foto: CDC/ Dr. Patricia Fields, Dr. Collette Fitzgerald
02 SEP

Significantly more Danes infected with campylobacter in 2019

In 2019, the number of registered campylobacter infections increased by almost a fifth and studies show that many of the campylobacter outbreaks recorded that year were...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Health and diseases
Professor David Lusseau
18 AUG

New professor of Marine Sustainability

David Lusseau has been appointed Professor at DTU. He is a sustainability scientist interested in sustainable exploitation of marine wildlife

Food, fish and agriculture
Billede fra Godthåbsfjorden. Foto Torkel Gissel Nielsen.
11 AUG

First quantification of microplastics off the coast of Nuuk

A new study shows that concentrations of microscopic plastic particles in the sea along the west coast of Greenland are roughly the same as in the Atlantic Ocean

Food, fish and agriculture Environment and pollution
Ammende kvinde
03 JUL

New study sets the stage for the next generation milk formula

Researchers at DTU have shown for the first time that breast milk promotes a core group of health beneficial bacteria of the adult gut microbiota, setting the stage for...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Health-promoting compounds
Photo: Printed vegi salmon to the left held with chopstick and real salmon to the right.
30 JUN

Students will market 3D printed fish

Students from the EU-led research project Training4CRM and DTU have developed a technique for 3D printing fish such as salmon and tuna.

Food, fish and agriculture Fish and shellfish Food production Food technology CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaption Innovation and product development
Beerchos chips.
24 JUN

Turning by-products from beer brewing into chips and dip

A team of beer enthusiasts at DTU dream of brewing the world’s most circular beer. Part of the answer is to turn by-products from the brewing process into chips and...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Food technology
Fishing boat surrounded by ice in Arctic waters
22 JUN

Research into ecosystem tipping points in the Arctic

New Horizon 2020 project, ECOTIP, will assess the cascading effects of climate change to Arctic marine ecosystems and depending societies

Food, fish and agriculture Marine research Climate change
28 MAY

Perforated lactic acid bacteria break down lactose in milk

Researchers at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), have developed a food-grade method to perforate lactic acid bacteria naturally, which...

Food, fish and agriculture Food technology Food production
Royal Greenland skalrejer
27 MAY

From Bachelor of Engineering student to PhD student

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, has enrolled its first PhD student, who comes with a Bachelor of Engineering background. The aim of the PhD...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Fish and shellfish
Nets. Photo: Plastix A/S.
15 MAY

Nine recommendations to limit ghost nets in the sea

Nordic network makes recommendations on how to limit ghost fishing and pollution of the sea due to lost fishing gear.

Fisheries and fish stocks Ecosystems Environmental chemistry Waste management
Photo: Mikkel Adsbøl
14 MAY

The real burden of disease for a number of foodborne diseases

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, has estimated how many Danes actually get sick from seven different disease-causing microorganisms that are...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Health and diseases
Cows in the fiels (Photo: Kasper Nymann/Colourbox)
05 MAY

Autonomous systems to weed out organic weeds

Leading researchers in robotics will develop an autonomous robot to be trained using artificial intelligence to find and eradicate weeds in organic fields.

Robot technology and automation Food, fish and agriculture
PhD Student Kristian Maar
28 APR

Overview of PhD projects at DTU Aqua

“PhD projects at DTU Aqua” is a web-publication presenting DTU Aquas PhD students and their projects

Food, fish and agriculture
Tallerken og bestik
23 APR

What effect is the corona pandemic having on what Danes eat?

Closing down Denmark has turned Danes’ daily routines upside down. The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, has set out to study the changes...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits Food safety
Image: Joachim Rode
11 MAR

New ways to obtain data on problematic substances in food

Research from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, will make it easier, faster and cheaper to generate data on problematic substances in food.

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
05 MAR

DTU helps boost resistance surveillance in Africa and Asia

In three new projects, the Technical University of Denmark, is helping African countries to implement whole genome sequencing and assisting the Asian region in getting...

Bacteria and microorganisms Genes and genomes Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
25 FEB

If 350 grams of fish is good for you – is 700 grams twice as good?

Risk-benefit assessments are a new method that balances the positive and negative effects of foods on health. Senior Researcher Morten Poulsen is Head of DTU Food&rsquo...

Nutrition and dietary habits