Finals in DTU's program for accelerating the development of startup projects, DTU Skylab Ignite 2021
30 NOV

Algorithm for mine blasting wins innovation award

An algorithm that can analyze large amounts of geological image data and streamline mine blasting won first prize in DTU's accelerator program for start-ups.

Innovation and product development Entrepreneurship Food technology
Foto: Jolanta Kucharska_Flickr
25 NOV

DTU strengthens collaboration with Mexican university

New agreements reinforce international research collaboration and student exchange between DTU and Tec De Monterrey.

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Hydride at play  Mild-condition ammonia synthesis from N2 and H2 is a long-sought-after scientific goal and a practical need, especially for the intensively pursued “Green Ammonia” production using renewable H2. Here, Chen, Vegge and their co-workers find that ternary ruthenium complex hydrides Li4RuH6 and Ba2RuH6 are a new class of catalysts for mild-condition ammonia synthesis. The unique configuration and synergized scenario of the complex hydrides favor an associative activation and reduction of N2 towards NH3 formation (  Illustration: DTU.
20 NOV

Pathway for ‘green ammonia’ opens in new study

An experimental and computational study in Nature Catalysis shows promise for new class of catalysts producing ammonia under mild conditions.

Chemistry Energy Catalysis Organic chemistry Food production Analytic and theoretical chemistry
Photo: WeLovePeople
03 NOV

Entrepreneurship students are creating several start-ups

The MSc in Technological Entrepreneurship focuses on academic diversity and inclusion. This has led to 14 new start-ups in a year.

Medicine and medico technology Food, fish and agriculture
DK: Drikkevand i glas. Foto: | UK: Drinking water in glass.
02 NOV

Generating knowledge on chemical mixtures’ harmful effects

EU project will generate knowledge to help pinpoint substances in chemical mixtures that are harmful to human health—without animal testing.

Food, fish and agriculture Health and diseases
DK: Lucernemark. Foto: | UK: Alfalfa field. Photo:
01 NOV

Join the Uni Food Day about development of healthy foods

Attend this year’s Uni Food Day on 9 November, where researchers and business people will join forces to try to find ways of developing healthy, safe and sustainable...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
(Foto: DTU Elektro)
27 OCT

Robot trained to remove weeds from organic fields

A large image database forms the basis for the training of a small robot which—in future—will remove unwanted weeds from organic pastures.

Robot technology and automation Environment and pollution Food, fish and agriculture
Blandet slik. Foto:
26 OCT

Far more screen time, sweets and cake during first lockdown

The corona lockdown in the spring of 2020 led Danes to adopt more unhealthy habits in the form of more screen time and higher intake of sweets.

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
Bælgfrugter. Foto:
20 OCT

Become a Master of Sustainable and Safe Food Production

Sign up to be part of the first intake on the new joint master’s programme in sustainable and safe food production launched by the University of Copenhagen and DTU...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
07 OCT

Critically important antimicrobials no longer used in livestock

The Danish cattle industry no longer uses third- and fourth-generation cephalosporins. As a result, these substances are no longer used in the production of Danish food...

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