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13 JUL

From cholera epidemic to export success

In the mid-1800s, Copenhagen suffered from a serious cholera epidemic. This prompted the College of Advanced Technology (now DTU) in 1865 to give lectures on water supply...

Bacteria and microorganisms Viruses Building construction Waste management Waste water and water discharge Water supply
Foto: Kaare Smith
26 SEP

Additional diploma for dedicated students

At a recent ceremony, President Anders Bjarklev and Marianne Thellersen, Senior Vice President—Innovation and Entrepreneurship, awarded diplomas to students having...

Space research Construction and mechanics Biotechnology and biochemistry Electrotechnology
from The Danish Science Week 2009. Photo: Carsten Andersen
22 SEP

25,000 pupils to investigate indoor climate at Danish schools

Danish researchers are involving primary school pupils and high school students in a new scientific study aimed at mapping the state of the indoor climate in Danish classrooms...

Construction and mechanics Indoor climate Biotechnology and biochemistry