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01 DEC

DTU at the top of the ranking of Denmark's IT workplaces

The annual IT Company Rank, published by Ingeniørens Mediehus, has named DTU number two in Denmark - surpassed only by Microsoft.

30 NOV

To make the green transition, take advantage of digitalisation

Op-ed by Anders Bjarklev: Take advantage of digitalisation and offer students a high-level engineering education throughout the country.  

Finals in DTU's program for accelerating the development of startup projects, DTU Skylab Ignite 2021
30 NOV

Algorithm for mine blasting wins innovation award

An algorithm that can analyze large amounts of geological image data and streamline mine blasting won first prize in DTU's accelerator program for start-ups.

Innovation and product development Entrepreneurship Food technology
DTU vil uddanne flere ingeniører til den grønne omstilling. Foto: Bax Lindhart
29 NOV

DTU: Digital University will provide more engineers

A digital university, a new teacher’s education in STEM subjects and a strong regional presence to offer more engineers for sustainable development and strengthen...

Aasa Feragen er professor på DTU Compute, Foto: Bax Lindhardt
29 NOV

Explainable AI to increase hospitals' use of AI

In a new DIREC project, AI researchers are collaborating with hospitals to create more useful AI and AI algorithms that are easier to understand.

Mathematics Medicine and medico technology Information technology
Foto: Jolanta Kucharska_Flickr
25 NOV

DTU strengthens collaboration with Mexican university

New agreements reinforce international research collaboration and student exchange between DTU and Tec De Monterrey.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food, fish and agriculture Energy Information technology Environment and pollution
25 NOV

The energy islands are our common Mars mission

Denmark’s energy islands are hugely ambitious projects. It will require development and research—so let’s start now.

Energy Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy production Wind energy Energy systems
24 NOV

Electrification will reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The global wind and energy sector is currently gathered in Copenhagen for the WindEurope Electric City 2021 event, and as an important player in this field of research...

Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy systems Energy production Wind energy
A shrunken, refrigerated balloon is expanding to normal size because a presenter blows hot air on it. Photo: Thomas Hjort Jensen
24 NOV

20th anniversary for explosions and wild colours

Over the past 20 years, DTU ScienceShow has provided entertainment with fascinating experiments and brought science to thousands of people.

Energy Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Carlos Ribera Codina with lab robot (Photo: Private)
22 NOV

Thesis collaborations benefit students and companies

42 per cent of DTU’s MSc students write their theses in collaboration with companies. This is an opportunity to test the theory they have learned in real-world situations...

Robot technology and automation