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24 JAN

Bacteria increase the sweetness of milk sugar sixfold

Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have found a way to transform milk sugar in dairy by-products into a sugar syrup, which is six times as sweet as the...

Food, fish and agriculture Bacteria and microorganisms Food production Food technology
24 JAN

Energy for future heating systems can be stored in salt

Solar thermal collectors, combined with the storage of energy in salt batteries, can cover 71 percent of the heating demand in houses.

Energy Electricity supply Energy storage Energy production Solar energy Wind energy
23 JAN

Magnetic stimulation for depression

Advanced software and magnetic stimulation of the brain aims to help patients suffering from depression.

Medicine and medico technology
22 JAN

Greeting to DTU's alumni from President Anders Bjarklev

"At DTU, we are incredibly happy that you are members of DTU's alumni network, DTU Alumni, so we can make a difference together!"

21 JAN

“It’s great helping to make humanity smarter”

If you ask Thea Bjørk what brings her most satisfaction in her daily life, her immediate response is: “getting things to work down in the lab.” A PhD student at DTU Fotonik...

21 JAN

The world’s thinnest spectacle lenses

Researchers from DTU Health Tech are developing a so-called ThinLens technology to make ultra-light and ultra-thin prescription lenses.

20 JAN

Study abroad with a clear conscience

Society benefits from engineers with a global vision. Students must therefore travel abroad—even if it impacts the environment.

20 JAN

New study programme in entrepreneurship

From Autumn 2020, DTU will be offering the Master of Science (MSc) in Technology Entrepreneurship, which accepts all BSc degrees.

17 JAN

Minister of Defence opened Danish Hub for Cybersecurity

More than 100 people from research, defense, and IT technology were gathered on January 16, 2020 for the opening of the Danish Hub for Cybersecurity. They came to gain...

17 JAN

Denmark's space mission ASIM constitute a cycle of knowledge

The first major results from the Danish-led ASIM mission, which investigates lightning in space, were recently on the front page of Science. This concludes a cycle of knowledge...

Space research