Winners found in European youth space contest

Tuesday 02 Aug 16


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New contest starts in september

The Odysseus European Youth Space Contest is being organized by Odysseus II, a three-year project funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The project consortium consists of 14 partners and four supporting organizations from 11 European countries. DTU Space is regional partner for the Nordic countries. 

A new Odysseus contest will be run in the 2016-2017 academic year. Registration opens on 1 September 2016. Students and teachers from all over Europe are encouraged to participate.

Read more about the upcoming contest at the Odysseus website.

Regional semi finals in Denmark

DTU Space organized the regional semi finals (including England) in april this year. The four day event took place at the ScienceTalents centre in Soroe near Copenhagen.

A British team and a Swedish student won the first prizes and participation in the finals just held in the Pioneers and Explorers category.

In the Skywalkers category Inka Kuljuntausta from Finland were voted national winner and became the best placed regional participant in this category. 
The regional winners also received a computerized telescope and medals.

Contestants from five European countries have won top honours at the 2016 international final of the EU’s Odysseus space science contest. A new round is coming up.

The Odysseus European Youth Space Contest is a European competition aimed at young and talented students interested in space science. DTU Space is the regional partner in the Odysseus Project. 

The winners were recognized at an award ceremony recently at the Euro Space Center in Transinne in Belgium. A panel of judges evaluated entries in two categories on the basis of scientific knowledge, practical implementation and creativity.  

Winners go to Europe’s Space Port

In the Pioneers Category (ages 14 to 18 years) the winning team are from Portugal consisting of Carlota Fernandes, Diogo Goncalves and Nelson Rebelo. This trio developed a functional remote-controlled rover to explore planetary surfaces and gather data using a variety of instruments. 

In the Explorers Category (17 to 22 years) the winner was Alice Antonelli, from Italy. Alice recently graduated from Liceo Scientifico Enrico Fermi School in Tuscany. Her contribution to the contest was to design a stratospheric balloon that releases a monowing glider equiped with a camera and sensors that capture data on meteorological conditions and pollution.

The prize for all four winners in these two categories is an all-expenses-paid trip to French Guiana in South America with a guided visit to Europe’s Space Port there. Each winner also get a computerized telescope and have had their travels paid to go and compete in the international final in Belgium in July.

Illustrating space in pictures

Apart from Pioneers and Explorers there was also a contest for younger kids called the Skywalkers category (7 to 13 years).

Here the participants send in pictures illustrating different space themes and the winners were selected by voting from the Odysseus Community and public voting through Facebook.
The picture “Into the space by rocket” by Ivan Rubčić from Croatia was voted the best by the Odysseus Community among the junior Skywalkers. Among the Senior Skywalkers the picture “La vie dans l’univers” by Baris Bilici from France won.

Finally, the picture “A civilization that has developed a very high technological standard” by Menelaos Raptis from Greece got the most votes in a public voting process through facebook.
All Skywalkers winners receive an computerized telescope, an iPad and a medal for their achievement.

(Illustration: Baris Bilici of France got honored in the Skywalkers category at the 2016 final of the Odysseus space contest for the picture: “La vie dans l’univers”. Credit: DTU Space/Odysseus-contest)