Who can become a member?
DTU Alumni is the official alumni network for all graduates of the Technical University of Denmark, DTU (including all former independent educational institutions which have merged with DTU).

Membership is also open to former international exchange students as well as former employees.

All new graduates will automatically become members of DTU Alumni six months before their expected graduation date. They receive a welcome message giving them easy access to update their profile and indicate what they want to receive from DTU in future, or to terminate their membership if they do not wish to be part of the DTU alumni network.

What does membership involve?
Membership of DTU Alumni is free and non-binding.

DTU provides a range of services and offers to DTU Alumni members and enables alumni to contribute to the development of DTU in various ways and make a difference for DTU. All current services, offers and options are described at

Personal data
The personal data that DTU records about alumni will be used for purposes supporting DTU’s strategy - in particular with a view to improving the quality and relevance of DTU’s study programmes and research as well as DTU’s collaboration with companies and other organizations.

The DTU alumni database contains basic information retrieved from DTU’s study administrative systems on all alumni having graduated from DTU:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Civil registration number (CPR)*
  • Student ID number
  • Completed programmes and exchange stays
  • Email indicated on enrolment
  • Postal address
  • Nationality

* The civil registration number is used to ensure that postal address information from the CPR register is up to date, and to be able to delete deceased alumni from the register.

As a member, you can edit and add additional information to your profile, thus contributing important knowledge to DTU, which helps us send you relevant information:

  • Additional contact information
  • Information on employment
  • Interests and consent (e.g. subscription to DTU Alumni's newsletter)

Please note that at least one consent to receive DTU Alumni's newsletter, relevant invitations and / or continuing education offers from DTU is a prerequisite for your membership.

We record information about opening of emails and clicking on links for statistical use and in order to better target and secure relevant content to recipients.

In addition, we record information about your participation in alumni activities and your engagement with DTU.

We use the information to:

  • ensure that you get the information from DTU that is relevant for you (newsletters, invitations, information about continuing education, etc.);
  • gather knowledge about alumni employment for the benefit of especially existing and future students;
  • invite alumni to participate in voluntary activities (e.g. mentor programmes) or in other ways contribute to DTU’s development and make a difference for DTU;
  • recognize alumni who make a difference for DTU;
  • generate statistics of DTU alumni based on demographic data (age, gender, place of residence), educational data, job data, and data on engagement (consent, participation in alumni activities, etc.).

The personal data will not be processed for any other purpose without your express prior consent.

We store and process your information in a secure manner
As a data controller, DTU has taken the necessary technical and organizational security measures to protect information in DTU’s alumni database from destruction, loss, or deterioration and against unauthorized disclosure, abuse, or other processing in violation of the legislation in force. This also applies to cases where DTU uses sub-processors.

DTU treats you personal data in the DTU alumni database as confidential, and access to the database is limited to employees with a real need to process data about DTU alumni.

You are responsible for maintaining your member profile
You are responsible for ensuring that the information contained in your member profile is accurate and up to date and includes a valid email address which we can use to send you relevant information. If we record any abuse or breach of your DTU Alumni membership, we reserve the right to delete your member profile.

Your rights
Please note

  • that you are entitled to request access to the information recorded in the DTU alumni database;
  • that you are entitled to have incorrect information about you in the DTU alumni database rectified or erased;
  • that you can always change or withdraw your consents or terminate your membership of DTU Alumni, after which DTU will delete your member profile and any additional information you have stated;
  • that you can ask to have your profile deleted from the DTU alumni database (DTU will, however, continue to keep information about you in DTU’s study administrative systems);
  • that you are entitled to object to the processing of your personal data in the DTU alumni database.

If you have any questions
You can always contact DTU Alumni at