The participants and some of the lectures of the PhD Summer School

PhD Summer School is a major success

Friday 28 Jun 19


Charlotte Bay Hasager
DTU Wind Energy
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This week, 17 people from several different countries have participated in this year’s PhD Summer School on Remote Sensing for Wind Energy at DTU Risø Campus.

For the last decade, DTU Wind Energy has offered a PhD Summer School on Remote Sensing for Wind Energy. 2019 is no exception, thus 17 people have participated in the Summer School this week at DTU Risø Campus.

Among the 17 participants are 14 PhD students and 3 people from the industry.


The Summer School started on Monday June 24th and has run for the entire week.

The topics of the course are mostly concerned with Doppler wind lidar that is useful in many wind energy applications.

Guest lecturers from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK has been among the lecturers, who has been making it an excellent high-level training and international network event.

“DTU Wind Energy is proud to offer this course for the 12th year, since 2008 and continuously adapt and develop the course in a research area with very rapid new technological development and application,” says Charlotte Bay Hasager, senior researcher at DTU Wind Energy and responsible for the Summer School on Remote Sensing for Wind Energy.