2013 World Energy Congress in Korea

2013 World Energy Congress in Korea

Monday 28 Oct 13
DTU and Kaist co-hosted an exhibition stand during the 2013 World Energy Congress in Daegu in South Korea from 13 - 17 October, where DTU participated with fuel cell and energy efficient LED lighting technologies.

During the congress world policy makers, Korean conglomerates, and representatives from energy companies and the  renewable energy industry were able to learn more about the Danish-Korean collaboration—and about the technologies that may be part of the future Korean energy system.
South Korea is currently dependent on nuclear power, but that may be about to change.  

“Korean companies in particular are already working on solutions for smart grid, grid balancing, and energy storage in preparation for a future energy supply reliant to a large extent on renewables—such as wind and solar power. And when they set their mind to it, they create results and solutions fast,” says Business Development Eengineer Frederik Nygaard from DTU Energy Conversion.


World Energy Congress

Since its inception, the World Energy Congress has served as a medium for discussion and networking among prominent institutions and world leaders representing academia, government, and industry throughout the world. The World Energy Congress has a trend-setting effect on the sustainable development of our planet, and it is a great privilege to join this influential world leading energy forum.

In 2013, the congress met to discuss pertinent issues under the heading: “Securing Tomorrow s Energy”.