Illustration: Christensen & Co Architects

Advanced visualizations for companies

Wednesday 06 Jun 18


Henning Friis Poulsen
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 31 19
DTU’s 3D Imaging Centre assists companies in looking into materials in 3D and in real-time.

Companies can gain competitive advantages if they have a deep understanding of the materials in their products. Both when the products are produced, and later when they are used. Whether they produce construction materials, or windmills.

DTU’s 3D Imaging Centre draws together expertise from four DTU departments—DTU Physics, DTU Compute, DTU Energy, and DTU Mechanical Engineering.

The researchers specialize in producing 3D images and visualizations of processes in real time, based on the CT (computed tomography) imaging technique. The images are produced using data from X-ray and neutron sources. This makes it possible to study the internal structures of the materials without having to cut them.

The 3D Imaging Centre has its own advanced X-ray microscopes, but centre researchers also have access to the large MAX IV X-ray facility in Lund in southern Sweden, and it will later also be possible to use the ESS neutron synchrotron (European Spallation Source), also in Lund.

Illustration: Christensen & Co Architects
The 3D Imaging Centre is moving into a new building in 2019, which is under construction on the DTU Lyngby Campus. The building will have six floors and a basement—9,280 sqm in total—and will also house DTU energy. Illustration: Christensen & Co. Architects.