The 4 rotor concept wind turbine before and during the dismanteling

Goodbye to the 4-Rotor Concept Turbine at Risø

Friday 07 Dec 18


Peter Hauge Madsen
Head of Department
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 01

The 4-Rotor Concept Turbine that was placed at DTU Risø Cam-pus is now dismantled. The testing of the concept is complete.

For almost two years, a special wind turbine has been placed at DTU Risø Campus. The turbine, which consists of a total of 4 rotors with three blades each, is different from the regular one-rotor wind turbine which most people know.

Today, the 4-Rotor Concept Turbine is a thing of the past as the iconic wind turbine was dismantled earlier this week. 

Vestas, which was in charge of the wind turbine and behind the setup of the wind turbine, is finished testing the concept – a concept which they have tested together with DTU Wind Energy.

Erik Carl Lehnskov Miranda from Vestas explains:

"With the dismantling of the 4-Rotor Concept Turbine, an interesting and profitable project collaboration between Vestas and DTU Wind Energy is complete. We look forward to publishing test results together with DTU in Wind Energy Science in 2019," says Erik Miranda, Director, Mechanical, Load and Control Technologies at Vestas.

A Trademark
It is with mixed emotions, that the iconic turbine was dismantled, explains Peter Hauge Madsen, Head of Department at DTU Wind Energy:

"The 4-Rotor Concept Turbine has been a good brand for us and an exciting project to participate in. It is well-known in the local area, and at our Open House in September at Risø we noticed that the public was very interested in the turbine," and continues:

"We are pleased that we have collaborated closely with Vestas to test the wind turbine. It is one-of-a-kind and we are waiting with excitement to hear if Vestas will continue with the idea."

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