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Virtual celebrations of graduates

Friday 26 Jun 20

Normally, all new Master of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering graduates are invited to a Graduation Ceremony on campus where they receive a congratulatory diploma in June and November.

This summer, because of the Corona crisis, it was not possible to physically gather the graduates, which is why over 500 new Masters of Science in Engineering and almost 400 new Bachelors of Engineering have been invited instead to a virtual celebration of the completion of their education.

Zoom meetings with DTU’s President
The celebrations started already last week, when DTU’s President had extraordinarily invited the new graduates to Zoom meetings. The meetings took place in smaller groups based on study programmes, and the Head of Studies had selected spokespersons among the graduates to ensure a good dialogue. Nearly 200 graduates attended one of the 30 meetings, each lasting 5 minutes, which were held throughout the week.

Virtual Graduation Ceremonies with personal greetings
On Monday and Tuesday this week, Virtual Graduation Ceremonies were held with official speeches from DTU’s President, the President of Polyteknisk Forening and alumni. Marlene Haugaard, Senior Vice President at NCC Danmark, spoke to the new Bachelors of Engineering, and Mikael Bundgaard-Nielsen, Vice President at Novozymes, spoke to the new Masters of Science in Engineering.

In addition, the graduates had been invited to submit small greetings in the form of text/photo/short video clips instead of coming on stage. 76 Masters of Science in Engineering and 19 Bachelors of Engineering chose to do so.

Around 250 watched as the two Virtual Graduation Ceremonies were shown via live streaming (although all the content was pre-produced for practical reasons). Both virtual events are now available on DTU's YouTube channel.

Watch (or rewatch) the ceremonies here:

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