Photo: Charlotte Boman Hede

The wind turbines at Østerild do not influence the birds negatively

Monday 12 Jun 17


Peter Hjuler Jensen
Deputy Head of DTU Wind Energy
DTU Wind Energy
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A new study makes it clear that the wind turbines do not bother birds and bats at National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines.

The bird life close to the wind turbines at the National Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild is not influenced negatively by the seven existing wind turbines. That is the conclusion from a new study carried out by Danish Centre For Environment And Energy (DCE).

The migratory birds and bats in the area evade the wings of the wind turbines, and thus the wind turbines do not bother the migratory birds in the area. 

Peter Hjuler Jensen, Deputy Head of Department at DTU Wind Energy welcomes the new report:

”The wind turbine at Østerild is an important base for research in order to improve the wind turbines in the future. However, it must not be at the expense of the Danish wildlife, and we are therefore pleased that yet another study shows, that the wind turbines are not harmful for birdlife at the test centre.”

Previous studies have also shown that bats in the area have benefited from the many new water holes that the Nature Agency has made near the wind turbines. A survey has also been made of the test centre's impact on plant life. Here, it is evident that new grasses, herbs, mosses and sprouts spread where there was a pine forest.

The test centre to be expanded
Earlier this year, the majority of Danish Parliament agreed to expand the National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Østerild. Today, seven wind turbines are placed in Østerild, but in the future, the number will rise to nine wind turbines.

Read the report from DCE here.