The participants of the DTU Energy Conversion workshop 26-27 June 2014

Workshop covered many angles to the same scientific problems

Thursday 03 Jul 14


Marie Lund Traulsen
Associate Professor
DTU Energy
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43 researchers and Ph.D.’s from all over the world took part in the workshop “Challenges and Opportunities in In Situ Studies of Solid Oxide Electrodes” at DTU Energy Conversion the 26-27 June 2014.

Last weeks workshop “Challenges and Opportunities in In Situ Studies of Solid Oxide Electrodes” covered most of the field within in situ studies of Solid Oxide Electrodes; from applications of Raman spectroscopy on thin films electrodes over local electrochemical measurements to the study of gas-solid interactions in the Transmission Electron Microscope and much more.

The 19 lecturers were among the most prominent researchers in the field, of which many only knew each other from scientific articles and were happy to meet in real life, which made the mix of scientific contents and different angles work out very good with lots of knowledge sharing.

“The workshop had a very specific agenda covering a very specific field of research, so each of the lecturers presented different angles to the same scientific problems”, explains the workshop coordinator Marie Lund Traulsen, postdoc at DTU Energy Conversion.

Unlike many conferences all the lecturers substantiated each other, which made all the contents interesting to all spectators. This was reflected in the many positive responses and acknowledgements afterwards.

“Thanks once again for organizing a fantastic workshop.  Great speakers and I learned a lot”, wrote one of the participants, Bryan Eichhorn from the University of Maryland.

His praise was followed up by many, among those Monika Backhaus-Ricoult from Corning Incorporated:

“I want to express my congratulations for organizing an event at the forefront of the field that was highly interesting with exciting discussions and a perfect organization”, wrote Monika Backhaus-Ricoult.

It was the first workshop by Marie Lund Traulsen, but not the last, as she experienced massive backing from her colleagues, making the weeks of planning and the actual execution hectic, but bearable.

“The topics also made it fascinating. I don’t know if I will get another project including a workshop, but this one didn’t scare me of”, says Marie Lund Traulsen.