Photo: Joachim Rode

DTU appoints new Head of Department for DTU Compute

Monday 09 Feb 15


Anders Overgaard Bjarklev
+45 45 25 10 00


Rasmus Larsen
+45 45 25 10 10
As of 15 February Professor Rasmus Larsen is the new Head of Department for DTU Compute. He comes from a position as head of section and Head of the Researcher Training Programme at the same department.

"I look forward to working with Rasmus Larsen, who will be a strong leader of DTU Compute— internally as well as externally," says President Anders Bjarklev.

"Rasmus has proven his worth as a scientist, he is an experienced and talented lecturer, and we can look forward to him being an active voice in the public debate on societal challenges and DTU's contribution to their solution."

Rasmus Larsen himself believes DTU Compute has a significant role to play, both internally at DTU and in a broader social context:

"Research at DTU Compute is built around a core of excellent science that translates into technological leadership, assisting in the effort to solve society's problems in interdisciplinary projects," he says.
"DTU Compute has professional competencies within mathematics, statistics, and computer science and is responsible for more than 40 per cent of the teaching at DTU. The department is thus a key player in the ongoing work to develop engineering and its growth in the years to come. "

The new Head of Department is looking forward to being the voice of DTU Compute in the public debate:

"As a university, we must proactively take part in the public debate on societal challenges, on our research and education, and on our role in counseling and innovation," he says.

Rasmus Larsen has a PhD from DTU (1994). He has worked for Novo Nordisk and has been lecturer and professor at DTU since 2000. He received the Statoil Prize in 2008; he is a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, and he has spent extended periods of time doing research at Stanford University, University of California San Diego, and Linköping Institute of Technology. Since 2005 he has been Head of the Research Training Programme at DTU Compute.