The twenty students and three of their lecturers (credits: Erik Vogeley)

Twenty students graduated the DFC offshore course

Friday 06 Dec 19


Niels-Erik Clausen
Associate Professor
DTU Wind Energy
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Twenty students from India, Turkey, China and Indonesia participated in the four-week long DFC offshore course.

The twenty students visited DTU Risø Campus for two weeks in September and additionally two weeks in November in order to learn how to plan offshore wind energy in their home country.

As part of the course, they visited the blade factory belonging to Siemens Gamesa in Aalborg, Østerild Test Centre, MHI Vestas’ preassembly factory in Esbjerg, Esbjerg Harbour, Danish Energy Agency as well as Ørsted.

“It has been an amazing course,” says Niels-Erik Clausen, who is responsible for the course. He continues:

“Seventeen teachers from DTU Wind Energy and DTU Management Engineering has contributed to the course. The students have thus met people, who work with the different areas of expertise.”

Final exam

For their final exam, the students had to write a report and give a presentation on how and where to plan offshore wind farms in their home countries.

After having received his diploma, one of the students, Partha Sen said:

“This has been a wonderful experience. I have never celebrated a course like this before,” he said before saying cheers and celebrating with his nineteen co-students and three teachers.

The four-week long course is sponsored by Danida.