Stavanger demo 3

Third AlarmTracker demonstration using data from the Judy platform

Monday 01 Oct 18


Adriana Gabriela Zsurzsan
Projekt Controller
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 35 56

Another AlarmTracker demonstration took place at Eldor Technology’s headquarters in Stavanger, Norway. This time, the data used was taken from the Judy offshore platform.

The half-day event started with an update on the research and development activities. The DTU and Eldor Technology teams took turns in explaining the work process and how a successful collaboration between academia and industry can be achieved. From DTU’s side, Assistant Professor Xinxin Zhang presented the individual research projects contributing to the AlarmTracker product. From Eldor Technology’s side, Senior Software Developer Ørjan Rafdal presented their approach on the software development process

Afterwards, the modeling team took over and described the MFM modeling process and the scenario used in the demonstration. Using real data from the Judy offshore platform in the North Sea, the team selected a set of data showing an abnormal situation. Using this set of data as an input, the team demonstrated how AlarmTracker could identify faults appearing in the system, the correlation between them and, finally, detect the root cause of the problem, all in real time.

The public found out the capabilities of AlarmTracker as a decision support system and the benefits of researchers and developers working together to create an innovative product.

Present at the event were members from several companies in the oil and gas industry, among which Total S.A. and ConocoPhillips (UK) Ltd.

This day marked another step forward towards a finalized product that will improve the efficiency of control room operators.