Career information about alumni on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has created pages for all universities with sub pages that display information about alumni - based on the educational information people have themselves added in their LinkedIn profile.


About 90,000 persons have added an education from DTU in their LinkedIn profile, and you can find them in this overview:


DTU LinkedIn-alumneoversigt


The overview shows data grouped within five areas, sorted by number of persons:


LinkedIn - områder


The overview is searchable and interactive:

  • You can specify an interval of years for the education (Start year/End year)
  • In the search box you can search for job titles, keywords and companies/organizations across profiles
  • You can also click on the information in the overview for further delimitation

The dashboard will constantly adjust and display numbers and search results that match the criteria you have chosen.


Here, for example, the search is limited to alumni from the period 2005-2015 with jobs at Novo Nordisk in the US:


LinkedIn - Afgrænset søgning


Below the overview, an updated list of the specific persons who match the criteria is displayed, and here you can see with how many of the alumni you have a personal connection on LinkedIn in degree 1, 2 and 3+.